What did YOU think they did at Sunday School?

It's entirely possible I've underestimated the influence attending a Catholic school will have on the boys. On one boy in particular.

Last Sunday, when we met up after Sunday School at our conservative Southern Baptist chuch, one of my boys was particularly animated. Giddy, in fact. Thrilled beyond belief. Joy rolling off him in waves. While this is what you hope for in a profound religious experience, in reality its a rare sight in 9 year-old boys regardless of the religion espoused.

Apparently, the lesson was on the situations facing the Rich Man and the Poor Man. To reinforce this point, the teacher had each child (which turned out to be a class full of only boys that day) decorate a pair of wooden clothes-pins like a small Rich Man and a small Poor Man. I think this was supposed to remind the children of the story later. Then the teacher attached a key-ring to the head of the "little people" (which we all know were "dolls" but aren't allowed to say to a room full of small boys) so that the boys could hook them on things, like a back-pack maybe.

(Note to World: She is a WONDERFUL teacher with many SPECTACULAR ideas, and we are DELIGHTED beyond measure that she is their teacher! Its just that she has only girls at home. Fortunately, she's a quick learner with mad skillz. The boys have already expressed extreme interest in getting her to teach the next higher Sunday School next year when they have to move up. )

So there I was, after Sunday School, nodding and smiling, with a boy waving and flailing his arms in excitement as he babbled about his Sunday School lesson.

Thats when things took an ... odd ... turn.

It seems he was telling me that some random boy had noticed that if you hooked the two key-tings together, the small-wodden-people looked a little like NUM-CHUCKS! Another boys immediately jumped on the bandwagon to improve the idea by adding a few extra empty key-rings so that the small-wooden-people were connected with an impromtu chain, allowing the NUM-CHUCKS to swing more freely! Everyone quickly created their own NUM-CHUCKS! PANDEMONIUM!

I was already speechless when Lee announced his intention to take his "new favorite thing" to Show-n-Tell at school! I think Lee took my speechlessness for consent, as he continued on with narrowed eyes and triumphant voice to say "Now they'll see what you do at PROTESTANT Sunday school!"

I forbid anyone to tell him that Chuck Norris is a Protestant.


Seriously, I am sitting here stifling my laughs. Having been on both sides of the Catholic/Protestant thing, I find this hysterical.

Leni | 09/30/2008 - 05:04 AM

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