Thanksgiving Menu

THIS is what happens when you combine two families worth of traditions, and let your own four children help you with the menu ...

(At least they know the stories that go with each item, and the justifications for letting them choose items. And its not like I'll have to cook again for a few days!)

Turkey (at least two turkeys) (leftovers would be nice in the freezer)
Porkchop cubes with black pepper
Chickecn enchiladas (in manicotti noodles instead of corn tortillas)
Chicken-n-rice (like a risotto)

Creamed potatos (no lumps) (and I say "creamed" because this actually involves ... cream)
Sweet Potatos (mashed, topped with marshmellow, brown sugar, crushed pineapple)
Corn (home frozen in jars)
Deviled eggs
Broccalli with cheese
Broccalli WITHOUT cheese (Lee only eats broccalli with only lemon juice)
Tomato-n-pickle-n-olive plate
Green Beans
Peas and carrots
Cranberry Salad (which involves fresh cranberries and jello and TWO DAYS prep time)
Yellow squash (because "thats what The Pilgrams had") (and its a vegetable that doesn't involve marshmellows)

Pumpkin Pie
Coconut Cake
CUPCAKES! (And, yes, thats how the girls say it!)

PINK Lemonade (Because I can't make BLUE, as blue food coloring makes lemonade GREEN which is gross)
(I'll compensate by having cherry garnishes and cool shaped glasses for the drinks. I have a plan.)

rolls (bought at Wal-mart, which would make my mother spin in her grave IF she were dead yet)

UPDATE: Guests often have ... different ... ideas of what Thanksgiving should be. Hence, after one particularly illuminating phone call, I'll need to be adding the following things:

OceanSpray Jellied Cranberry Sauce (from a can, no berries)
StoveTop cooked with GIBLETS (oh, the horror!)
Campbells Green Bean Casserole, with the addition of shredded cheddar
Lima beans (hot sauce optional)
Something Chocolate (not sure what yet, maybe chocolate delight or chocolate layer cake with caramel frosting)

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