So Weird I Almost Didn't Post It

Have you ever had one of those "allergy medication commercial" moments? You know, where they show you the pretty picture, and then they show it to you without the dim-light-filter so that everything looks clearer and brighter and ... just better?

Well, I had one of those moments last week. And it seems to have lasted. I just feel more like ... me. I suppose its possible that this is really truly the end of post-partem. (And, yes, it can last for years)

I was standing in front of the carrots at Walmart when I got the phone-call from my husband. With some news. The mental-lights started flickering the way flurescents will do when they're first turned on. I wandered around toward the apples. The mental-lights came on full force!

At first I thought it was merely a panic-induced moment of clarity. The way things look sharper in an emergency as adreniline floods your body. God bless him, my husband noticed a change in my voice. To the point that he asked cautiously if I felt a little "cranky". In reality, I just felt focused and competent. It may have been a while since he's seen me go there.

Still, this couldn't possibly last, right? RIGHT? And then the freaky thing happened. When I was a little girl, my hand-writing matched my father's exactly. It was ... odd. But there it was. And then about the time I had Ron, I noticed that my hand-writing was changing to more like my mother's. Which didn't alarm me because she has nicer hand-writing. But then a few days ago I looked down at my grocery list and realized it was in my father's handwriting!

Its just weird.


Glad you could stay home.. My new boss doesn't care if I ever go into the office.. fine by me.. Last boss wasn't pleesad if I did a Friday at home. I still burned through $430 on the gas card with local trips last month including one NYC round trip last month and my son's car. ouch ! Yesterday with the help of my wlan extender, I did get a sunburn while working outside on the laptop. Jerry

Sung | 03/31/2013 - 02:01 AM

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buvvnmafl | 04/01/2013 - 10:51 PM
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