Just When You Thought It Was Safe ...

Just when you thought it was safe for me to go back to Blockbuster!

I have a history of picking ... questionable ... movies. Really, some of them were NOT my fault! The whole episode with Arachnaphobia -- THAT movie was seriously misrepresented in the previews. It had John Goodman in it, and it was by Disney, and I REALLY expected a "cute" spider. Maybe one with a bow.

The list goes on and on and on and ...... its a VERY long and varied list. But I don't stop trying. Eventually, someday, I'll get it right. However, it turns out that today is NOT that day :)

My adventure started with ordering a "foreign" film. Bollywood. I just LOVE Bollywood! Pretty pretty colors, people that suddenly burst into song and dance, what could go wrong?

What could go wrong? We're going to play a little game, readers. BEFORE you look at the rest of the post, leave your guess in the comments about what kind of movie I watched with the title TA RA RUM PUM. (Here's a hint: many Bollywood movies are remakes of classic Hollywood movies.) And, yes, you can guess as many times as you want.

TA RA RUM PUM. Sounds great doesn't it? All I knew is that it had something to do with a race. Kind of boy-meets-girl, boy-wins-race, boy-wins-girl. With singing and dancing. I mentioned that, right?

I don't even know how to segue into this gentlely. When it finally dawned on me HALF WAY THROUGH THE MOVIE I was stunned speechless. I tried to convey my horror and amazement to my husband, who put down the book he was reading to give me his full attention. Then he laughed. A lot.

I. Watched. A. Bollywood. Remake. Of ...... the Hollywood classic film ... DAYS OF THUNDER (with Tom Cruise).

AIeeeeeeee! The moment of unavoidable truth was when the giant Indian actor named "Harry" talked the race-driver through the wreck on the track by orderin him to go high on the track through the smoke. "Are you sure I can do this, Harry?" Aieeeeeee! The rest is just a painful blur.


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Leni | 03/17/2009 - 01:31 PM
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