The Stupid Dog

I don't say that in a "mean" way. I really thought my dog was stupid. Maybe even retarded. Can you have retarded dogs? But I digress, as is so very often the case.

A few days last week I watched The Dog run around in big circles in the yard, frantically looking at the sky and barking wildly. "Great, now he's chasing clouds!". But, no. On closer inspection, he was chasing the eagles that play in the winds above our hill. I just rolled my eyes and went on with the laundry.

Then my husband asked "Whats with the dead turkeys in the yard?"

It hit me like a bolt of lightning! Turkeys don't fly! They glide! My husband and I often argue over the difference. Well. Apparently the difference is that if The Dog runs around under a flying eagle, it will keep flying. But if he runs around under a gliding turkey, he gets a meal when it has to eventually drop to the ground! And, sweetie that he is, The Dog killed an extra turkey for his friend. (And by "sweetie", I do indeed mean that he'll eat a burgler in a heartbeat! Just so you know.)


I do indeed mean that he'll eat a burgler in a heartbeat!

Unless the crook pets him, or gives him a treat. Then he'll just lay down and want his belly rubbed...

Lucy's Husband | 03/11/2009 - 11:09 PM

LOL! Resourceful dog.

I am fortunate that the neighborhood punks have not dared to get close enough to the Shepherd to realize she'd never hurt them. They are afraid of her bark.

Leni | 03/17/2009 - 01:33 PM
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