March 13, 2007
There's No Place Like Home

That's what I'll be thinking as I drive away from home in a few days. Its bad to start a vacation already wanting to come home! I like home. I really do. And I'll have a good time on vacation, visiting my parents and indulging in "real" shopping. Meaning, it won't be a two hour drive to a city with a mall :) And I'll get my hair-cut, and get to see the relatives, and play with my new cell-phone. (Its SO over-the-top pretty! And my husband made it's ring-tone is TheBabyElephantWalk, which is SO me, and its the very best color of burgendy, and its a gift from my husband who feels bad that he won't be going on my little adventure because he has work committments here, and did I mention its really really pretty?) The kids will enjoy camping with Uncle and fishing with Papa and playing with cousins and picking flowers with Nana. I will enjoy sleeping late on purpose. Still, I look forward to being home in two weeks. And moving the week after that :) Or, moving two weeks after that, or moving THREE weeks after that, but definitely moving sooner rather than later. And when I get in that "home"? I am NEVER going on vacation again! (*sigh* knowing full well this won't be the last vacation) So, I'll see you April 4th :)

March 12, 2007
Wish I Was There

Man! I would have been SO good at being British ...

March 10, 2007
GI Joe

I was surfing and coughing, coughing and surfing this afternoon and came across the story of the real life "GI Joe" at some blog from Dean's roll that I had never surfed before: "I Love Jet Noise". Its a wild story, well-written. I've archived it completely here below for use next year with home-schooling. THIS is what I hope my boys never have to be ...

March 08, 2007
Magazines Every Where!

Only this first part is blatently copied from my comment at Leni's:"Do you like magazines? Because its occurred to me that most of my friends don't. Which I find odd. A lot of them don't read much either. Which I also find odd. But, then again, I AM the one that married the first guy I met that spent his hard-earned money in college on tuition and "real" bookcases for his books. LOL. We met when we were both working in a bookstore near campus, and we both took the jobs because of the employee discount!"

Personally, I get a ton of magazines. I think about 30 or 40. Hard to tell because they're continually lapsing, new one coming and going. Right now the number is a little inflated because when I'm pregnant (like I was with Katherine last year) I ramp up the magazine subscriptions! And diversify. I don't necessarily adore the car-magazines like Motor-trends, but the boys love them! And fish and travel and home-repair and photography and cooking and design and ...

Magazines combine my favorite activities: Reading and Getting Mail. And if you think Getting Mail isn't an activity, you've never done it correctly. Start gradually, wondering several times a week "Hmmmm! I bet I get some great mail today!" Work your way up to waving at the postman. If you're feeling in top form, write your local postmaster a letter about how nice your postman is. They get TREATS for good letters!

March 07, 2007

I've got a little cough. I've also got a little bag of cough drops. And there-in lies the problem.

Well, actually, the problem is that I told the kids we were going to Disneyworld when I lost a hundred pounds. Talk about motivated! 23 pounds down and counting. Literally. We count on Mondays and color the little squares. They ty to be helpful. They encourage me to exercise, they intercept treats. My husband doesn't bring home candy anymore after Cassie explained firmly that I couldn't have it. She also answered for me matter-of-factly when he asked if I wanted a waffle for breakfast "Mommy would rather go to Disney than eat waffles" (His eyebrows get a real workout sometimes as he looks at me and my shoulders slump and I agree with the closest member of the DietPolice) Yes, there's a point ... stay with me ...

March 05, 2007
He's A Catch?

Oh, the inspiration I find at Leni's blog! Reminders of things forgotten ... her daughter went to a formal this week looking lovely, and acting charmingly. In fact, she was so sweet that numerous adults kept trying to set her up with a boy that she is not interested in being set-up with. Memories ...

I was about 15 years old when The Greg Wars began ...

March 01, 2007
Bell Curve Of Terror

My husband pointed out last week, when I apologized for freaking beyond all belief over a dead cricket, that he's glad I only freak over little things. That he thinks I'm good in a "real" emergency.

Thus, we have the Bell Curve Of Terror. At the low end, I'm all calm. In the middle, I go nuts. At the high end (truly scary emergencies), I'm all calm. A little more stressed, but at least quiet and organized. Yay for me! And reassuring for the man that leaves me alone with small children every day :)

Answer Me This

The answer to the riddle is "Yay! I found a new commenter!" Wait, no, thats not it. The REAL answer is that the woman needed another funeral. Congrats, Jennifer!

But, is that the end of the story? Have you EVER known me to have a one-sentence story? Lol. Sometimes I crack myself up.

So, it all started when Sam called me ...