July 31, 2007
You CAN'T Be Serious!

I just watched the trailor for The Dark Is Rising over and over. Either the actors are BEYOND bad (which is possible) or its not set in Wales! Either way, it doesn't bode well for the movie that I couldn't tell.

The ENTIRE point of the series of books is based on Welsh mythology/legend/druidism/mystic stuff. The books are extraordinary! To base a movie on the books and move it to anywhere else is ridiculous. Wales is a character as much as Will.

I suppose it bodes ill that the trailer starts with "Will was an ordinary boy with an ordinary family and an ordinary life" blah-blah-blah. The books begin from the premise that Will was NEVER an ordinary boy, even before he knew exactly how different he was.

*sigh* I'll probably see it anyway. Still. Something about that trailer just licked the stripe off my candy-cane :(

On the OTHER hand, this will remind me to re-read the series! Very good series. Yes, THAT'S a very happy thought!

Lucy's Little Project

Note to Husand: NO READING THIS FOR YOU! ...

July 27, 2007
Oddly Enough

Oddly enough, its taken me until today to realize that my husband is a ringer for the actor that plays RobinHood season one of Robin of Sherwood (an old BBC series). (youtube link of video clips from series set to BonnieTyler)

Which also reminds me of something I read on a site somewhere along the lines of "all mommy bloggers seem to think their husbands are perfect and what a perfectly hysterically ridiculous delusion that must be but its funny for the rest of us".

Which leads me to remember something that happened when MY husband was in grad-school. I was sitting in the cafe with a friend and a friend of her's came up to us and sat down to chat. She looked at me for a minute, and then pursed her lips, straightened her shoulders, and informed me that my husband was sitting in a class full of guys and all the girls had clustered around him. She had seen it herself through an open doorway a few minutes before when she was walking down the hallway!

I just looked at her blankly. She was astounded that I didn't care! That I didn't leap up, dash up the stairs to confront him with being ... very nice. And very smart. And very charming. And very handsome. AND very married. It took her awhile to get it.

What I find extra-interesting (at least to me, and I could certainly talk about him endlessly) is that he has no clue. At all. Good haircut. Green/gold eyes. White button down. Jeans. Girls half his age give him a second look! You want to hear something extra-extra-interesting? He doesn't want to hear it! He thinks that if I give him too many compliments that he'll get vain and THAT would be a problem!

So. He's very nice, very smart, very charming, very handsome, very married, AND very modest. I hope this post doesn't make him suffer too much. It seems a shame to punish him for being perfect!

July 26, 2007

I've decided to get a tattoo!

Play Along At Home

Yes, its time for Lucy to have a new project. You're welcome to play along at home. Except for Lucy's Husband. He's in the dark. Again.

Note to Lucy's Husband: NO READING PAST THIS POINT! Its a nice surprise. Really. (Aren't they always!?!) (Quit flinching. It could be worse. I could collect ... um ... troll dolls?)

July 25, 2007
Let's All Take A Moment ...

Let's all take a moment and enjoy a few of my favorite obscure Churhill quotes! I'd also forgotten how much I love Churchhill quotes!

"I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."

AND, most importantly ...

Throwing The Switch

Katherine is about eighteen months old. That means I'm about eighteen months post-partum. Thank God. Literally. And repeatedly. It takes about eighteen months for everything to come back online. Studies of mothers show that while pregnant and thereafter, parts of the brain simply shut-down to concentrate resources on survival.

Well. I've survived. Again. And THIS time? THIS time we're done. I've been surviving for ten years. Willingly mind you, but still.

I felt the switch flip last week. Suddenly. Between heartbeats. While bickering with my husband. Not really arguing, yet, just kinda expressing that we were both tired and cranky and sick and pretty sure that the other one was intentionally trying to aggravate us to death.

And then the switch flipped. Speechless. So shocked that I was even INTERNALLY speechless. Just left staring blankly at my husband who was saying something entirely sane. A response would have been good, but I looked at him and then went to sleep. Stunned.

I hope this isn't a flicker, I'm ready to be totally back online. Not that I'm saying I've been ... gone ... for the past decade. Perhaps just that I haven't been the whole me that I can be. Wow. I feel like ... like ... like ... losing a hundred pounds, going to Disney, and ... and ... and ... OH! MY! GOODNESS! I FEEL LIKE "DOING" CHRISTMAS! THE WHOLE NINE-YARDS!

To most of you, that means nothing. To my husband ... Remember when I was pregnant with the first one? And I lost all interest in Christmas? Well, not "all" but I no longer instinctively knew how many ornaments I had and where they needed to be hung?

Until this moment it hadn't occurred to me that I've been mentally plotting where the tree goes and what kind of tree and what kind of decorations and ... I haven't really DONE a great tree in years and it hasn't bothered me all that much. Sure, we've had trees and the kids have loved them all, but I've done them mostly out of duty rather than a sense of ... fascination. But not this year. I feel a real ... interest.

I feel more "me" than I have in a long time. Its a good thing I like me :)

July 24, 2007
In Lucy's Head Today

My husband has pointed out that my head must be a scary place to be. That was on a long car-trip and he was laughing and shaking his head listening to me ramble aimlessly among thoughts. I suspect he has that thought occassionally even when we're not traveling. Here's things in my head right now, in no particular order or significance.

If pscychology students are discouraged from experimenting on family and friends, who ARE they supposed to experiment on?

I don't like strawberry smoothies as much as I thought I did last week.

Wonder if Einstein was "people" smart, or just "smart" smart and how he really truly felt about seaweed.

BBQ sauce is yummy. Can you drink it on a liquid diet? What about salad dressing?

Words mean things. Then they don't.

Most people don't understand the dynamic of submission and domination, the nuances of passiveness versus submissiveness. Hmmm. Knew that psych degree would come in useful for something. Wonder if I'll get banned from Google for suggesting deviant uses for BBQ sauce? (Lol. Sometimes I crack me up)

I'll find The Long Kiss Goonight dvd and watch it tonight while doing yoga. I'm going to thwart the overweight kindergarten teacher that highjacked my body. THIS isn't me. Its time people stopped pretending that it is. Not that I feel a need to kill frogs.

Hippos love chocolate. Not today. 'Cause I'm That Guy. Its possible that the French are so far down on the morality scale as a nation that they can learn to improve themselves by watching American movies. Now, THAT'S a scary thought. What does it suggest about the current state of France? What does it say about American media?

Buying the Cupcake Cookbook might have been a mistake. We've read it like a story-book everyday this week. Maybe it WASN'T a mistake. Afterall, they like so much that we've read it like a story-book everyday this week. Still, I refuse to let them see the WiltonCakeDecoratingAnnual book. Yet.

Shudder! THAT would be an amazing Christmas gift for Cassie. She would just DIE of joy right there. I HAVE been meaning to take cake-decorating lessons. I wonder what the age limit is for those classes. Does a six-year old actually NEED to know how to make frosting-flowers? *sigh* Yes. She probably does. What if she loves it? What if she's the next Colette? What if ... I can make school lessons based on copying recipes. Could be a booster/motivator for reading development! YES! THIS IS THE COOL CHRISTMAS GIFT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I WIN!!!!!

*stop* *deep breath* *off to google cake-decorating classes and find out the minimum age* *smug internal grin*

July 06, 2007
Just When You Thought I Was Back ...

Still no internet access. Looking like another week, maybe two. To post this, I broke into an abandoned unairconditioned house and sniffed out access in the basement. Actually, I'm at our old house for a few minutes while the boys load some boxes. As soon as the boxes are loaded I'm outta here. Its above 100 degree! Ick.

July 04, 2007
Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yes, today is our anniversary. Fifteen years. My husband called from Greece to tell me that he loves me. (business trip) I told him it was wrong to make me cry in the middle of Walmart (cellphone) :)

A thousand songs make me think of him, among my favorites are this one about heros and this one about predestination.

I'm captivated by the phrase "find the one you were sent to save". There is no doubt in my soul that he was sent to find me. Its an odd peace and an awesome responsibility to know that if I yield to destruction he goes down with me. That there's no more "me", only "we". Which is a brilliant shining true thing. I have no understanding of people that despair of losing themselves in marriage. Isn't that the point? To be a new team, REALLY a team? I'm really blessed that I've been on a winning team all these years.

"Til death do us part" is for wimps. Here's to forever!