August 27, 2008

IT WORKS! IT WORKS! (I feel a little like that midget from Fantasy Island running around yelling "The Plane! The Plane!")

Recap since my last post: Still married. Still have four children (boys ages 10 and 8, girls ages 6 and 2). Still have two outdoor dogs. Still have crazy relatives. Still overweight with a thorough dislike of snakes and spiders and lizards and frogs and goats and cows and especially turkeys. Still me. Wow. Now that I think about it, nothing much has changed. Except ...

Katherine (age 2) and I were playing the "just like me" game. You know, where she says "Mommy's eyes are blue and mine are blue" and I say "Yes" but don't say that I think her eyes are changing color to hazel. And then she says "Mommy's tongue is pink and my tongue is pink!" and I say "Yes" because she is very fond of pink. And then she seems at a loss, so I help her out "Mommy's hair is brown and Katherine's hair is brown".

I thought that would make her happy. Instead she pursed her lips and squinted her eyes in concentration, moving closer and closer and closer to my hair. "No, no. Mommy's hair is not brown like mine. Mommy's hair is brown and WHITE!"

Yes, boys and girls, the stress of not being able to blog has turned me gray. But I'm so excited to be back online that I bet I lose 20 pounds AND my hair turns brown AND I pre-empt those wrinkles AND world peace is just around the corner :)

August 23, 2008
This is a test.

I think things are fixed. Are they fixed? They might be fixed...