July 06, 2009
Goodbye, Dear Friends

The computer is going off-line tomorrow. In THEORY, I will be back to regular happy blogging in about ten days. Cue the "shark" music. Because I have NO faith that this computer is going to be ... normal ... once we haul it several hundred miles.

Actually, I've started having an odd feeling about this computer. Several times recently, the only way I could get it to work was to boot it repeatedly. This does not bode well for my future with THIS computer. I will refrain from placing an excessive amount of blame on my children and husband, who installed who-knows-what on this computer to get it to play games with the computers in other locations of the network. I only realized they were installing ... stuff ... like crazy because they reached the point they couldn't install any MORE stuff and were bummed about it! Hello!?! There's so much ... stuff ... on MY computer that it won't load more? And what of it is MY stuff?

(Deleted absolutely psychotic rant)

And so I'll be blogging next from Colorado, a happy place.