Welcome to My Island

There are so many brilliant thought-provoking bloggers. Everywhere you look there are more and more. Some use cutting-edge humor, like ChrisMuir. Some use intense discussion and debate, like DeansWorld. Some use lengthy lecture, like USSClueless. All of them manage to lure the reader into thinking about the topic in new and provoking ways.

But, dont you ever need a break from new and provoking ideas? Perhaps a mini-vacation somewhere soothing? Where can you go? It seems that everywhere you turn, people are striving to be aggressively fascinating. Except here. There will be no aggressiveness here, no intense arguing, no whining, no spittle&foaming. Those have their place, but its not here. Just a simple post or two each day. Sometimes it may be a favorite memory, or a review of something charming, or an image I find attractive, or sketches of the small towns and people in my life. Whatever the topic, it will be something that makes me smile and relax. I hope youll smile and relax too. We can all use a little more of that. Welcome to my island.

Note in a Bottle
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