The King Of Fools is the best website designer in the world! Not to mention, he's just the nicest man on earth. I can say that with a straight face (not even excepting my husband) because he just did something and made my web-site come back to life. YAYYYYYYY!!!

Let's cut a very long twisted story short: My husband did bad things to my computer. It did not involve replacing the computer in the end, although there in the middle of the chaos it seemed a distinct possibility. Still, we managed to kill my website during the reformatting. I say the "we" glibbly because I really had nothing to do with it, in the moment full of joy now that the KING OF FOOLS (aka Best Web Designer on Earth) has fixed things. I don't even know how, and I don't care.

Not to mention he did it on a Friday night, which is family time at his house. And, he did it quick without raising his eyebrows and asking things like "hmmmm, how did you even get it to do this?" (which a car mechanic asked me once in shock, although it wasn't my fault because my brother was driving the car on the interstate and ran over a log that jumped off the truck in front of him).

I feel all kinds of guilty that I've put off writing him a paragraph of recomendation. But, I suppose that I knew I'd never be able to find the clever witty words that he deserves. Heartfelt adoration will have to do. Here goes:

(1) He's nice. He didn't tell me I was crazy about disliking a color because it was "too mustardy" and I wanted "more lemony" and "cleaner" and "I hate sand and palm-trees and parrots, which have sharp pointy beaks". (Yes, I KNOW its an island).

(2) He can solve inter-personal issues. When the estrogen obviously took over my replies, he didn't ignore me. He found an estrogen-interpreter (the Queen) who looked at my emails and then pointed saying "she means this and this".

(3) When I decided after hours and hours of work that I hated the initial design afterall, he didn't refund my money and add a sign to his site that said "no women, ever again" although thats what my husband laughingly said he should do. He just smiled, and brought out a fantastic new design... which leads to #4 and #5.

(4) He can smile in his email conversations without using those "fake" smiles made up of colons and paranthesis. Just the right turn of a phrase and you know he has a nice sense of humor and a charming disposition.

(5) He gave me a fantastic design! Even if he were hideous to work with (and he's a dream) anything would be worth the way he gets the design just exactly right. I don't know how he managed to make it perfectly what I would have done for myself, if I had lots of visual talent and/or lots of technical skill. He even knew that when I said I disliked "sand" that I really meant I disliked desert sand instead of beach sand. Its spooky how he designed what I wanted in spite of what I said I thought I wanted. Every time I click to my site, I smile. Its just pretty and comfortable and elegantly simple, in the way that only comes from spectacularly well-done design. If only he did interior decorating!

(6) He's very smart, too. Don't you just love that my trackbacks are called "travel agents"? How great is that! And the little beachballs. I adore the little beach balls!

Its dawns on me that I'm rambling. I can't really be blamed. I feel like Scrooge in ChristmasCarol during the happy ending, at the moment that he realizes he's escaped the horror and he can do what he wants and he's giddy and bounding from one thing to the next and back again. Oh, there were a thousand things I wanted to post as soon as things were righted! Now, all I can think is that I must get some sleep. All this joy is exhausting! But, I'll be posting a lot, and soon! Have a great weekend!

Update: I gave him the highest compliment when I gave his services as a gift to a friend. Yep, thats right. I believe his talent is SO extrordinary that I wrote another check. He wasn't even on sale!


Wow, thanks for the amazing compliments, Lucy.

Whenever I come to your site (daily), I realize how well this design works.

Remembering that experience is also proving helpful because I'm in a major argument with the commissioner of my current project. (He is wrong...he just doesn't realize it yet.)

King of Fools | 04/17/2004 - 04:02 PM

I'm soooo glad to hear that you're back! :)

Sheilah | 04/18/2004 - 12:38 AM
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