The Dog Ate My Homework

NOT kidding, the puppies ate my house. Its a real house, with vintage cedar-siding. They ate two holes in it. Big holes. Animals could get in my walls.

In my whole life, I've NEVER heard of dogs chewing siding before. There could be squirrels in my walls. Ok, I don't think there are squirrels in the walls yet ... but its possible there could be.

The puppies are about twelve weeks old. A few weeks ago, my husband came home with a "surprise". We had talked about getting a puppy. I must have rambled incessently about how Golden Retriever puppies were the cutest puppies on Earth. He went to a business meeting in the city. I thought it would take all day. Apparently it only took about an hour, and he spent the rest of the day on a mission to retrieve TWO puppies with different bloodlines. One is exquisitely beautiful now, and the other will be after she grows into her body a little bit. We were thrilled to get them, and we love them dearly. UNTIL THEY ATE THE HOUSE!

I can't even wrap my mind around it. What kind of freaky animal eats a house!?! Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures. It isn't funny now, but I'm sure I'll laugh about it in 20 years. Y'al feel free to laugh about it now :)

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