Ya Gotta Laugh

Ya gotta laugh, or cry, or laugh so much you cry. Although I'll tell you now that I try to avoid the crying thing because I get all splotchy and puffy and beet red which is NOT a good look for me.

Side Note: Talking about beets, that reminds me of the time my husband and I took Sam to dinner to celebrate the end of a semester. I was VERY pregnant and wearing my burgandy waffle-weave tent-with-sleeves dress. I suppose my blood pressure was a little up, just a bit. And the walk from the car to the restaurent was a little up-hill. Suddenly, Sam looks at me and blurts out "You look like a giant turnip". Imagine if you will a hungry, hot, tired, cranky, pregnant woman being called a giant turnip. Its a good thing I was speechless! Samantha realized quickly that something was wrong. Then it dawned on her! "No, no, I mean you look like a gaint beet because your face is all red and your dress is all red. Are you OK?" But I digress, back to the drama ...

Last night, I think I had a mild case of food poisening. Just enough to keep me occupied for about 12 hours, but its not like I was sleeping anyway -- I'm so tired that I added 19 and 4 and got 21. I knew that sounded wrong so I figured out the right answer by counting on my fingers. I'm not stupid, just exhausted. Which is why I didn't call my husband at the assigned time last night. I think he feels bad about the whole "going-on-a-trip-leaving-you-with-chaos" thing. So, even though its a ridiculous extravegance, he lets me call him every morning for five minutes (in his time zone) to be his wake-up call which convienently would be the right time for him to tuck me in (in my time zone)(if I were actually going to bed). To compound things, I took the kids to Wal-mart and lunch before checking my email, so I didn't respond to the two email messages he sent, which alarmed him because I usually check my email all the time starting right after breakfast.

(Are ya laughing yet, because I'm actually starting to laugh about the whole debacle, especially the next part :)

My husband knew I didn't want him to read the post, because it said "Do NOT read". So, he decided to read the comments! Thats right. He read the comments, which is TECHNICALLY not reading the post (this is the kind of cleverness I deal with on a daily basis -- both from him and his children). Then, having confirmed that it wasn't about his Christmas present (which is really the only secret we keep from each other) he went back and read the post because he knows its hard on me to keep secrets from him, even for a short time. Sometimes he wishes I WOULD keep secrets from him. Like when his best friend's wife tells me things about his friend that makes me shriek "ewwww, tmi, TMI!" and then I tell him because I tell him everything. Thats accounted for a few images in his head that make him twitch!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the guy/contractor working on our "repairing/remodeling/disaster" has been asked by an officer/friend to go to Florida to help the Army with the aftermath of the hurricanes. And the orange tile for the trim in the bathroom is the wrong size because four-inch handcrafted tiles from Mexico are actually 3 3/4 inches. What !?!

Like I said, ya gotta laugh or cry. And I look horrid when I cry :)


And then today I lightly twisted my ankle on the way to church! The adventure continues ... :)

Lucy | 09/27/2004 - 03:19 AM

Have I mentioned that the kids are recovering from poison oak?

Lucy | 09/27/2004 - 06:35 AM

I just noticed there's a full moon!

Lucy | 09/27/2004 - 10:38 AM

Ain't life a beautiful thing? Predictable - No. But beautiful - yes!

King of Fools | 09/27/2004 - 07:45 PM
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