I'd Like You To ...

... pray for Dean's mother from DeansWorld. Its hard on a family to have any kind of extra-drama during the holidays, even if its an opportunity for change and improvement.


She's such a sweet woman, just with a few issues. I'm praying for her that she's brought back to sanity at least enough to realize that she's loved. I'm praying for the Esmay's that this is finally the opportunity to get her some help, that the system works, that she isn't allowed to slip through the cracks back into society without diagnosis. That the stress and drama not make Rose uncomfortable during her pregnancy. That this isn't the straw that ruins Dean's holidays with a burden of concern and the unknown. That Jake gets to see a change in his grandmother. That the financial obligations don't further complicate the situation (phonebills, travel expenses, legal expenses, take-out-because-you're-too-stressed-to-cook expenses, etc). That some peace and comfort find them all in this busy season.

Note: If you can, this might be a good time to hit his tip jar.

Allison | 12/01/2004 - 07:42 PM

That should read "withOUT diagnosis". I'm all for people that are appropriately diagnosed getting back into society!

Allison | 12/01/2004 - 07:46 PM

Oh my how I love you Lucy and Allison.

I can not tell you how bad I have felt and keep so much to myself for fear of hurting Dean, or to worry him. He was always a rock in my life and when he took Rosemary for his wife, I was truly happy he found love. I mean that with every fiber of my being.

My sanity does go off into the goofy side of me and I don't even realize it until people like you and MaryJ. come in and stand by my side. I am terribly lonely even though I know Jesus is my husband and best friend. It's just the human touch I miss so very much.

I don't know what brought on this prayer but I do know God sends Angels to surround us. I have no idea what was said about me when I left Dean's World for awhile. I do know my love and strenght comes from Jesus and when someone puts him down it is no different to me than if someone put Dean, or my daughter Kristi or my youngest son, Gary that is protecting our borders.

I crashed emotionally and I do feel bad if it was noticed or things were said about me in a negative way on Dean's or Rosemary's blog. Drama is something I appreciate in a good movie, play or book. I surely never mean to be a queen of it in any fashion. I do find myself drifting off a subject and speaking of the nice times I had when my children were young and of course my folks, especially Daddy. I did just get out of the hospital because the meds I did not receive...Humeria, at a cost of, $1,500.00 dollars was unreal. I am now glad I don't have to take it since there was a shortage. Maybe God answered that prayer because some of these strong drugs I have been put on tear me up in side effects. I am trying alternative therapies.

I really love you all and my heart just did an extra pitter patter beat after reading this. I am what I am and Jesus is my life. Of course my grown children are too, but they have their own lives and I realize even though Dean asks me to feel free to write, I amin his home and a daughter in law does not need the intrusion.

Allsion, I have not got around to getting my Bee Keepers Honey here in San Antonio. Just going to the doctor on my own gets rough when I hear things that bother me. The laundry piles up too. I am so thankful to my cat, Major Pips. He was promoted from Mr. to Major because when I came home from the hospital, this took my heart away. He usually rolls over and over like a dog when Mommy comes home. This time he was stretched in front of the door and looked like a Spinx cat sitting there real stern when I walked in. I'll never forget that. He was a tough cookie watching ovver the empty home.

Thank you for the prayers. I too added money to Dean's tip jar. I really manage on a small amount like my grandma Grace did.

Love you All....Blessings A bounty Full,

Dean's Ma, poor kid.., Mary Janelle

Janelle | 12/07/2004 - 10:39 AM

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