Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

I was forcefully declaring, while power-wrapping last minutes Christmas gifts for Awanas, "... and then tomorrow ... because I am NOT coming home to a messy house!"

Lee, age 5, walked through the kitchen at that moment. He honestly looked perplexed ... "Mama, are we coming back to a different house?"


Now that's funny.

Earth Girl | 12/17/2004 - 01:14 PM

Sometimes I wish I could just go to a different home....and skip the clean up! :)

Sheilah | 12/18/2004 - 03:32 AM

I'm traveling now, but here's some interesting things I have learned.

(1) I am allergic to cats in high doses. (2) My sister-in-law, who we stayed with, is a cat lover. (3) Thus, I have hives.

At least I've discovered better hair. More on that when I get home and find the password for my site :)

Hugs and Kisses to all! (I can say that because I don't have any trolls, or even gnomes for that matter :)

Lucy | 12/22/2004 - 10:07 PM

That's cute and you enjoy that trip! Hives!?! Yipes.
No trolls maybe but a real bonified Nut comes around!

Merry Christmas sweet lady and oh do hug your boys for me and tell them it is that lady in Texas and one day you can show them a map of the US and point to Texas!

Janelle | 12/23/2004 - 09:35 AM

Lucy....are you ever coming home??? lol

Leni | 01/07/2005 - 03:28 PM

Heh - who knows!

King of Fools | 02/02/2005 - 03:09 PM

Yes, I'm home. And, yes, in a way I now have internet access. Let it be noted that I have NOT divorced my husband who told the repair guy "Sure, you can take over the computer cable to fix the Tivo because I just KNOW I'll be able to get someone to fix the other wires ASAP" several weeks ago. Everyone makes mistakes, and he's an otherwise perfect kinda fella. I'd tell you to send him hate mail (or sympathy mail, depending on how well you can imagine my temperment while being thwarted) but our email accounts are RIDICULOUSLY full and have been rejecting emails. Sorry about that.

Lucy | 02/03/2005 - 04:37 PM

This is perfect that we can get the mortgage loans and that opens new opportunities.

KramerSherrie | 08/07/2012 - 08:18 AM

Thanks SO much for these episodes. I love these old shows. For some resoan though, it only gets about half way through the 1st video and stops and goes back to the beginning. It's doing these on several of them. I'm buffering them before I watch, so it doesn't keep stopping and skipping. Am I doing something wrong?? Thanks again!!!!!VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

Rene | 10/04/2012 - 09:03 AM

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oasfyj | 10/05/2012 - 03:52 AM

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xpiflolyp | 10/06/2012 - 06:15 PM
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