Lost Art

Tonight I'm consumed with angst. It has come to my attention that the Art of Socializing has been lost. Manners are a thing of the past, something connected with "stuffiness" and "snootiness". Something our casual culture has no need for. Imagine! Rules for socializing! Who would have thought to be so prudish!?!

I'll tell you who -- the woman who helped her friend "do" a theme dinner tonight where we expected 21 and 49 showed up! And those 21 only "rsvp'd" because the person in charge of the event called everyone last night to get an answer. Fifty invitations and not a single response!!!!! And WHAT were they thinking, saying they weren't coming and then just showing up. ALL OF THEM! I'll tell you what they were thinking ... great weather, lets do other things, oh yeah, we'll just pop over to the meeting and grab dinner there.

I'm still mad. And the arrogance of them! Demanding to know what we were going to do about running out of place-settings! Incidentially, to which I responded "After we serve the people that RSVP'd, we'll be glad to let you have whatever food we have left". I might have used The Tone. And I meant it.

I am astounded at the lapse in manners. Not a single person out of 50 voluntarily rsvp'd. Not one. And when I mail thank-you notes (which is not entirely as often as I should) people seem astounded. Once, I wrote a thank-you note to a neighbor of my parents. He was so shocked that he called my parents to read it to them! Sure, it was a nice note, but not THAT good.

I have to quit. My head is starting to throb again. Maybe I'll be ... calmer ... tomorrow and continue. Or maybe I'll just write a post about happy thoughts, like butterflies!

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