Pale Immitation

Now I watch a lot of TV late at night, bloodpressure related insomnia. I was watching a rerun of the CMT Music Video Awards. Better than most infomercials. Anyway, I saw Gretchen Wilson perform "Crazy On You" with Ann Wilson.

For those of you living comfortably in caves, Gretchen Wilson is the female part of the MusicMafia hit-machine. A triumph of marketing. Ann Wilson, on the other hand, sung for Heart.

By herself, Gretchen has a listenable voice. Its better if its electronically enhanced (volume, etc) but not overly bad. It was cruel to put her live on-stage with Ann Wilson, who has twice the range and could probably hit every ear in a stadium with no microphone.

Sigh ... if only Ann Wilson sang sweet happy songs, which is my current bloodpressure lowering play list.

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