THE Coke Commercial

Just after I was raving about the portrayal of family relationships in the media, I saw the new Coke commercial. I loved it so much I'll be writing them a letter later, and while I don't drink tons of soda I'll be buying Coke products from now on.

It seems to me that Coke does a great job of finding THE commercial. For example, "I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony ... " C'mon, ya'know you know the commercial. Then there were the sweetly smiling fake polar-bears. Have you ever seen any sweeter smile, ever? It just makes your heart melt. Oh, I almost forgot the MeanJoeGreen commercial where he tosses the kid his jersey as he leaves the stadium. That one was a little before my time. Interesting that I can still pull it out of thin air, hmmmm?

Now there's the NEW Coke commercial. The teenager is about to grab the very last can of coke out of the fridge. He's hot, thirsty. His dad calls from the other room "Will you bring me a coke?" The teen looks at the can of coke longingly, and we embark on a flashback montage of the times his dad was a good parent over the wild-n-crazy years. The teen kinda smiles to himself and calls back "Sure, I've got one for you". Awwwwwwwwww. Which leads me to ...

Sap sells. When you get right down to brass-tacks, sappy-happy family commercials sell to families, and families spend a lot of money. Plus, families are comprised of parents and children. If you get the children early enough, you can create a loyal army of brand-loyal adults later.

I think the genius of the sappy Coke commercials is that they each create a scenario that we truly fundamentally want to be in. Sometimes lazy marketers go with the common idea that "sex sells" because everyone wants/likes sex. Yet, sex is full of complex emotions and situations aren't always emotionally/spiritually satisfying. Do you really want to be on the beach with the bimbo offering to rub you with suntan lotion? Wouldn't that cause a lot of problems for you? Is that really how you see yourself, a situation you'd want to be in (no wife, no family, no job, no morals)? Do you feel so trapped in your own bitter horrid existance that any escape is good?

Compare that to the latest Coke commercial that offer the fulfillment of the emotional desires you hold closest to your heart. What is the one thing most good parents want? For their children to grow up into responsible-adults-with-self-control that value their parents. What is the one thing that most good children want? To repay their parents for the taking care of them. For example, note the popularity of the Sugarland song that says roughly "I'll know I've made it when I can write and say, Dear mom-n-dad I'll send money, I'm so rich it ain't funny" It goes on to talk about how she loves them "more than anything in the world, signed your baby girl". Another revealing example is that the first major purchase most pro-atheletes make is a house and car for their parents.

The great older commercials also focused on a desire that comes with no strings or complications. Things everyone can agree on. World peace would be nice. Smiles are good. Gratitude and recognition from someone you idolize would be pleasent.

Here's another thought I think everyone can agree on: We need more sappy commercials!


Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I aprpecatie it.

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jqorpsyl | 10/04/2012 - 03:01 AM

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awvfzwg | 10/06/2012 - 05:18 PM
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