My Husband Listens To Me

I was going to preface the most recent stories about my husband with a post concerning how hard it is to live with me. In fact, I partially wrote the post in my head while laying in bed vainly waiting for sleep to over-take me. When I did finally fall asleep I had the WORST nightmares about him leaving me (which isn't an option in reality, no matter how hard I am to live with). So ... I'm abandoning the topic. I can't take any more of those dreams!

Instead, I'll trust the reader to accept my claim that my husband is truly a charming man. Practically perfect in every way. Meditate on that thought. Remember, the exception proves the rule! Prepare yourself for the lastest crazy-naughty thing That Man has done!

I adore John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Conditioner for Chestnut-Espresso hair. I also tried the Moisturizing Shampoo, which turned out to be too harsh for my hair. But it smells heavenly! Part of the formula is cocoa extract, so the product smells like dark chocolate. Not too heavy, not too sweet, not too lingering. Smell lasts all through the shower/bath but is completely gone about five minutes after drying off.

I discovered that the shampoo makes FABULOUS bubble-bath, the creamiest loftiest bubbles I've ever seen, which smell like dark chococlate! I tried to explain this to my husband. He listens to me, or tries to, but his eyes must have glazed over somewhere between "bad shampoo" and "good bubble-bath".

All he really registered was "bad shampoo". He was trying to be helpful by trying to get rid of the "bad shampoo" (which I have started intentionally buying to use for bubblebath, and its not cheap) to free up some space in the cabinet. I suppose. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt.


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