Big Sale!

Yes, its the Big Summer Clearance at HannaAndersson (see link on side bar, which my husband put under "Tourist Trap"). It always starts on a Thursday, updated on "Portland" time.

Yes, I'm neurotic enough to check the site on every Thursday. Thats why I have it linked.

Yes, I spent WAY too much time there this morning.

Yes, you really can feel the difference in organic cotton, even after its washed lots of times. Perhaps especially after its washed lots of times.

Yes, I only bought things I would be forced to pay retail for later. Cotton knit shorts for my oldest child (which are sturdy enough to last through at least three children, and probably more which I'll be testing later). And Christmas pajamas (one pair).

Yes, I buy Christmas pajamas at retail the day they become available because they sell out SO super-quick which I learned the hard way (I've decided its ok because I don't spend money on drinking-gambling-smoking.) I think this year I'll only need to buy one pair to fill in a gap in hand-me-downs. And, an extra-small for our newborn which will only be about six weeks old at Christmas. Thats the pair I bought today. They had (I stress "had") the infant zipper-pajamas in small sizes. My order processed but I wasn't entirely convinced, since that size was labeled "low quantity". I called CustomerService, where they place an emphasis on "service". They found my order, confirmed that I'd be recieving email shortly saying "sorry, no pajamas" but they also managed to alter my order so that a size larger was substituted. In the end, I STILL get my pajamas with an extra half-inch in the legs and sleeves. That works for me! Especially at about half-price!

No, I did NOT buy the cool cherry-red vintage tennis-shoes that I wanted as soon as I saw them. I still want them, but can I really justify spending that much on tennis-shoes for a special occassion (July 4th, 2006) when the boys would rather wear the newer-trendier more convienent pull-on sneakers which I already bought for next year in khaki? Sigh.

No, I did NOT buy baby clothes because it could theoretically be a boy. Although that won't match. And seriously mess up my plans for dresses hand-me-downs!

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