Life Interupts

I was going to post a the first in the Perception Series this morning, but the Stairwell Fiasco has come back to haunt me. In a nutshell, the architect made a huge mistake in the scale of the stairwell. It had to be shrunk considerably to fit in the house. Considering it was one of my most favorite features, I didn't take it overly well.

Which leads to "what does overly well mean to you?". The contractor called the house looking for my husband. Subtly wouldn't tell me why, just really needed to talk to my husband. My husband called me from work, saying he'd swing by the house and pick us up since he thought I'd need to see the site before we made a decision. I'm sure the contractor flinched when he saw me ooze out of the truck. (I have to slide off the seat because I'm too pregnant to leap and the truck is too tall for me to step) Perhaps he thought I'd cry, or scream, or beat him senseless.

I did none of those things. Mostly I was just stunned, and a bit sarcastic. And perhaps a touch depressed. We all agreed on the best acceptable solution, rather easily I might add since what is necessary is ... necessary. Accept it and move on. Which is what I did. Move on. While they were talking, I moved on to look at the butler's pantry (my other favorite thing) which I hadn't seen yet because I have to avoid heat and the weather has prohibited me from being out there all the time.

I'm really proud of myself for not shrieking like a banshee when it dawned on me that the stove and dishwasher wouldn't fit on either side of the window. As it was, I might have made a sound that summoned both my husband and the contractor to the spot. A change in appliances will still make the area work, although it will no longer house the exact configuration I wanted. Life happens. A few deep breaths later, I was almost ok. It will all be ok.

And our contractor has learned some valuable lessons: I will not scream at him, neither will I cry, nor will I thump his head like a watermelon.

Yesterday I was afraid he'd had a sun-stroke when he called the house looking for my husband, and volunteered that they needed more dirt and did I want them to dig it out of the backyard and make my husband a pond (which he wants). The contractor actually giggled while suggesting that he could add ducks or geese! This is SO outrageous because they know they have to backfill the backyard to raise the whole area about four feet, or I will have a stroke.

Anyway, while my husband drove out to the site to discuss dirt sculpting, which I trusted him to decide with only the suggestion that he not dig up the field of daisies and poppies, they discovered another problem! THE WINDOWS IN THE STAIRWELL WERE ORDERED FOR THE ORIGINAL PLAN AND WON'T FIT!!!!!

This morning instead of writing a thoughtful and philosophical piece on individual image I'm completely obsessing about the windows. Do we change the window size, or do we change the window size and orientation to solve another problem that I had previously accepted as unfixable? How long will it take to get the new window order? Why hasn't the rep from the window company called? Why did the banana cross the road? Ok, that last one is from Cassie who has been telling me crazy jokes all day.

Maybe I'll be coherent and thoughtful tomorrow. Maybe not. Tune in tomorrow!


You get a gold star for your incredible self-control!! I am impressed. I'm afraid I would have screamed, cried, thumped and THEN gotten sarcastic.


Leni | 08/11/2005 - 08:36 PM
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