Norman Finds His Niche

Norman could no more imagine dieing as a civilian than I could imagine being abducted by aliens. Then came the training accident.

Since the very beginning, Norman had always had the great conviction that he would die a Ranger and be buried at Arlington, if there was anything left to bury at all. He found a bizarre peace and purpose in that. I sometimes wonder if its possible to have dreams and ambitions in-utero. It often seems he was determined that early!

But the training accident ended that. He wasn't killed or crippled (which was in and of itself a miracle) but ... suddenly, he was faced with civilian life. A life he was ill-equiped for. A life he didn't want. I must admit, I occassionally wondered if it would have been kinder for him to have died rather than live after the dream died. I'm sure that's sacriligious, and I regret the thought born of a lack of faith, but to watch him struggle was hard.

He just collapsed. And so did what everyone in his family does when faced with disaster ... more college. If you're going to be miserable, at least be miserable with a flexible schedule while improving your options. Its not a bad plan, all things considered.

Norman finished off a degree in computer science, and toyed around with both Liberal Arts and the hard sciences. He's discovered that he adores college. He's a smart boy. And charming. And very sweet natured. For a guy that could kill you with his bare hands.

And thus he finds his niche! There's actually a high demand for guys with his particularly odd skill set. Charming laid-back literate ex-military guys with computer skills and interests in chemistry and biology.

He's the perfect graduate assistant for professors that travel to exotic hostile locations to conduct hands-on environmental research!

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