Things I've Learned This Year

No matter how much I love my son, and no matter how much he loves Batman, I can't bring myself to use Batman-Christmas-wrapping-paper. Its just not right.

People do not listen to me. No matter how right I am, and no matter how insistently vocal I am, my extended family is continually shocked when hind-sight reveals that I was right. Very, very right. I am continually shocked at their inability to learn to listen to me.

One ounce of pomegranate concentrate (1 ounce equalling 15 pomegranates) will stop the growth of cancer cells when consumed every day. You can get it at SamsClubs, in the pharmacy section. About $17 for a one month supply.

Organic "feminine" products will eliminate most symptoms that are associated with your "monthly visitor". Leg aches, heavy bleeding, abdominal cramps, moodiness, exhaustion. Apparently, those are NOT traditional symptoms of menstrual cycles but ARE rather similiar to asbestos poisoning which is interesting because regular "feminine" products contain materials that are molecularly similiar to asbestos.

I thought the above was totally insane until Sam made me try the organics, practically at gunpoint. I'll be damned if they didn't fix everything by month two! I'm not even kidding. I went from someone who spent at least four days in a state of complete exhaustion and pain, to someone who could take multiple kids to Walmart without a second thought! You can get Natracare products from They tend to run on the small side, so the nighttime products work well for day.

You know how you use nail-polish? Well, there's such a thing as teeth-polish. Yeah, no wonder those stars have such sparkly teeth. Its NOT just a matter of brushing, no matter what my dentist says.

LLBean lists their sale items on the left margin of their website on the 1st of every month. December is the month they mark down their winter outdoor wear. And they sell out quick. Just so you know for next year.

If you didn't have time to send out Christmas goodies to people, don't sweat it. Lean back, relax. You can stand out from the crowd by sending Valentine's treats, when people will REALLY appreciate getting something. Buy solid red "christmas" basic supplies now on sale. Valentines is also a "red" based holiday.

There. Now we've ALL learned stuff this year. This site is nothing if not educational!


well, as far as my knolegde goes if your woierrd about it dont, asbestos isn't as bad as you think, i.e. many water pipes are made out of the crap and that's normal. but if your still convinced that your going to die from your celing, and if the room is small, then replacing it is always an option (if you know how to do drywall) shouldn't cost more than 50 bucks. it's not hard either just cut and nail it in. however the picture, all i see is texture or basically a stuff that is similar to plaster of pairs. anyway if i was in your position i would have someone look at it, because then you know for sure it is or isnot asbestos, and can put your mind at ease or to sleep in this case. (actually i wouldn't care. but that's another question to answer)

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