Lets Start A Meme!

Do NOT miss Leni's post today about lunatic relatives! Its a trip!

I found myself thinking about my own "odd" relatives, and wondering about everyone else's. See, reading Leni you'd never guess that she has totally insane relatvies! She seems so charmingly normal on the average day. I bet ALL of us have really great "odd relative and/or friend" stories! Let's share! Feel free to post in my comments (which are working today, yay) or drop me a link to a post on your site. C'mon. You just KNOW you've been hoarding those special moments that still make you laugh years later! I'll get us started with The Episode With The Peas. Here we go ...

My Dad's brother married Jenni. My Dad told my mother once "Its hard to know where the meaness stops and the crazy starts". But, lets talk about the crazy. When my grandfather was an invalid, the year before my Dad retired to stay with him, Jenni "babysat" during the morning until my mom got home from work at 2:00. My parents were living with my grandfather at the time, taking care of EVERYTHING else both financially and physically.

Jenni insisted on clearing out one shelf of the refridgerator for "her" stuff, although she never brought more than a package of yogurt for snack because she ate my parents food. Which was obvious because she left dirty pans and dishes all over the kitchen. THAT didn't bother them, except that she crammed all their stuff onto the other shelves. And the washer had to be empty, so that Jenni could do laundry if she wanted to bring her clothes. Although she NEVER dropped in the linens that the home-health-workers changed. Once, my mother forgot and found all her clothes from the washer stuffed into the freezer! How do you even think of something like that!?!

But that pales in conparision to the Peas. One day my parents came home from work to find a can of Peas in every room. Every. Single. Room. At that point, my parents were ... confused. It was eventually clarified that Jenni had decided to exercise her right to put stuff where she wanted in my grandfather's house as my mother did! Because, afterall, Jenni was also a daughter-in-law. Inspite of the fact that my mother (and father) had given up their lives to actually LIVE with my grandfather. So, her plan seemed to be a can of peas placed prominantly in every room as some kind of anti-decoration!

You can't even MAKE UP that kind of ODD!


ROFLOL! Peas!!! That is just too funny, in an insane-glad-she's-not-related-to-me kind of way.



Leni | 03/09/2006 - 05:42 AM

Oh how I wish I could tell a few but I would get in trouble even if they were so cute and funny.

I enjoy you so much.

Janelle | 03/09/2006 - 11:20 PM
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