A Better Idea

Some people climb Mount Everest. I have a better idea ...

A Better Idea which my husband will NOT be reading about! A Better Idea that is a "husband surprise". The kind of surpise that means he will NOT be able to read this post, or future appropriately-labeled posts, or comments, or future comments. The kind of surprise that is worthy of an entire catagory to itself!

Without further ado, here's my Better Idea ... Ok. So there's a little "ado". But if you wanted brief technical writing, you wouldn't be here. Unless you're lost and confused. But the point is that I'm about to reveal The Better Idea ...

My husband is a great guy. A REALLY great guy. Who puts up with lots and lots of stuff. Often very bizarre stuff. With barely a flinch and/or twitch. And you remember how I dropped the ball with the bagpipe cd? I can do better than that. Really. I can. And I have. And I will again.

Now, some people get a rush from honing their skills to tackle Mount Everest. They have mountain-climbing skills. I have completely different skills. I have girlfriend-skills. And corporate-wife-skills. And cooking-skills. And analytical-data-pattern-skills (which means that I'm amazing as a historical-profiler, but that doesn't contribute to any fun surprises). And Southern-social-hostess-skills. I am a Force To Be Reckoned WIth.

I want to use what skills I have to plan something SPECTACULARLY wonderful for my husband. Something that will make him cry with joy. Something that will make his friends speechless with shock, and beyond envy. Something that people will talk about in whispers for years to come. Something ... legend.

A few months ago, I had the beginnings of The Better Idea as I realized how excited he was about visiting his brother, and how he missed his extended family. A thought so radical and immense in scope that it boggled my mind. Was it even possible? Could it be? Yes! Yes, I CAN do it! I can DO it! ( I swear to you, the clouds parted and I heard an angelic chorus as a sunbeam landed on my head)

For my husband, a SURPRISE family reunion! Here! At the new house! He'll have no idea until the chartered-airport-shuttle starts dropping off relatives!

Yes, you heard me right. Airport-shuttle. Because ALL the family lives far away. So its not just a family reunion. ITS A HOUSE PARTY! For forty-six of my husband's relatives. For a four-day weekend date to be determined for June 2007.

Because it will need a year of planning. Lining up sleeping-arrangements (summer lawn-camping for the kids). Invitations. Web-site. Activities. Menus. Travel arrangements. Extra freezer. Extra pillows. Catering tables and table-cloths for the deck. Matching kiddie-pajamas from HannaAndersson. Lots and lots and lots of planning. I have skills and I'm not going to be afraid to use them! The adventure continues ...


Oh my gosh this is a great idea! I have always wanted to do something like this. And 4 days is a nice amount of time. Cool!

Danielle | 05/10/2006 - 01:27 AM

Can I come? I can be the crazy long-lost cousin!

That sounds like so much fun!

I had a surprise party for my dh once. ONCE. We were young, we were still newlyweds. Who knew he hated surprise parties? lol Happy 25th bday to him!

Leni | 05/10/2006 - 04:29 AM

Holy Yodels, Lucy, you have super skills! But a year is a long time to keep a secret. I'd blow it there if I had enough energy to carry off the rest.

earth girl | 05/10/2006 - 01:34 PM

Sounds like tons and tons of fun! And work. But so worth it in the end....Good luck. Can't wait to hear more!

Jennifer | 05/10/2006 - 05:13 PM
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