Plastic Pillows

I found THE most amazing shower curtains! I've been going nuts trying to decide on exactly the right shade of blue-green for the guest suite at the new house. Suddenly, at TJMaxx, the shower curtain jumped off the shelf and grabbed me while I was innocently looking for plaid table-cloths for the church picnic. It was LOVELY (and super cheap) and I bought the only two they had!

I was SO extra-excited when I got home and showed them to my husband and gushed about how they were the perfect color and how one could be the shower curtain and the other could be whacked up and turned into decorative pillows for the bed.

He just looked a little odd, but nodded and smiled and went on with his day. I talked about them being the perfect color a little more later and he kinda just shook his head and walked off. We went to bed, and as we lay there drifting off to sleep, I was still babbleling about the shower curtains (which truly are exceptional, especially for the price). Finally, he asked hesitantly, "Are you sure about those pillows?" I might have responded that it was a perfectly reasonable idea. "But, will they be comfortable?"

Lets take a moment to note that only MY husband thinks decorative pillows on the couch and/or bed should be funcitonally comfortable. The rest of us ALL know that decorative pillows are ... well ... DECORATIVE. My husband is aware of our difference in focus. Which is probably what led to the miscomunication.

See, what he heard was "... shower-curtain ... perfect color ... bed ... pillows ..." He somehow missed the part about "damask FABRIC shower curtain ... perfect color FABRIC ... FABRIC $60 per yard but shower curtain two yards worth of FABRIC for $12"!

Thats right, people! In my flood of information, almost a kind of shopping immersion technique I use to convey the essense of my experience, he missed the whole "fabric" thing which left him with the odd image of me cutting up a PLASTIC shower curtain to make decorative PILLOWS!

I think he deserves bunches of credit for not immediately screaming, loudly and emphatically, like a bad actress in a b-grade-slasher-horror-movie! Can you imagine!?! Plastic decorative pillows glued-up out of shower-curtains!?!


It might be a great idea if you have guest that wet the bed!!! LOL!!!!

Leah | 05/24/2006 - 04:02 PM

Your dh is a saint! LOL! How did he manage to hold it in that long???

Leni | 05/24/2006 - 07:25 PM
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