Uniform Behavior

I've noticed that my boys behave significantly better when there are strict "school" expectations and structures. This Summer is hard because we need to do some Summer School to get back on track and the packing for the move is causing a lot of structure to disintegrate.

I've decided to have uniforms for school next year. Seriously. Now, I'm just thinking about WHAT uniform to have! Should I go with khaki or navy pants? I like a crisp khaki, but the local private school goes with navy and thats where we'll do our standardized testing. "Polo's" most days, and one day a week button-down-with-tie day.

But, what to do about ties? I'm a little tired of the standard "navy-gray-forestgreen" combo that so many schools seem to favor. How about red? But finding boys ties is a PAIN! So many times the quality is ... hideous ... to put it gently.

Anybody out there got a good source for non-hideous ties for boys? C'mon, you can share ... really ... it'll be fun ... just click on "wave" and share the info ... you'll be my new favorite person!

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