Odd Timing

Perhaps its a little odd to post something about Castro right after a post about "not hating". Because I must admit that I'll feel joy at his demise. If nothing else, it will end his ability to torment others. I try to be the kind of person that can still pity him. Hell is real, and he's going to be there forever. Literally, a million times a million years will only be the beginning.

I noticed at Babalu that he's had surgery and has temporarily turned power over to his brother. Realistically, how much longer can EITHER of them hold power? Fidel is 80 and his brother is 75. Its not like they live health-oriented lives. I'm shocked they've lived THIS long.

Perhaps this might be the time, might be the moment. I'll mention Cuba to the kids this week, with the globe. (They LOVE the globe) Make sure I have some Sprite and some champagne glasses. Although, I'm not sure its right to actually toast someone's demise. Does that seem right to you? Because it doesn't seem entirely right to me. But to NOT toast it seems a little hypocritical.


I can understand you wanting to toast and by all means, pull out the globe and do not feel any guilt. Had I been around and known of Hitler than I think a toast to him would have been fine to my parents.
Evil is evil and a toast to the evil man seems fine. There are Psalms about wanting death to happend to evil.

Janelle | 08/02/2006 - 03:21 AM
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