Saga Of The Waterheater

Yesterday morning started normal enough, but then most days do for at least a few seconds. Admittedly, then most of my days develop some drama. Yesterday more than most.

I was rudely awakened with the realization that the alarm had NOT gone off as I had anticipated and I just didn't have enough time to make it to the gym before school. However, I quickly progressed to the lovely realization that I DID have enough time for a bath.

I started the water, vaguely noticing the tub toy (brown FisherPrice horse) but not overly concerned. I could fish it out before I hopped in. The water rushed into the tub with a familiar and comforting sound. I brushed my teeth. I put my hair up in braids because an hour soaking in hot bubbly water is not good for my long hair, making it look like a pile of hay. Nothing new or exciting there. Just normal.

Found my new magazine. Which provided just the right amount of dissonance with its obviously "fall" cover of orange leaves while outside here the temperatures were expected to reach the nineties in the afternoon. Definitely not "sweater weather". Still. It was a new magazine. Thats a good thing. A normal thing.

Imagine this next part in slow motion -- I turn toward the full tub ... I focus my eyes ... I oooooppppeeeennn mmmmyyyyyyyy mmmmmoooouuuthhhh tooooooo ssssccccrrrreeeeaaammmmm .... No sound comes out. Gasping, yes. Volume, no.

Its about 6:00am so I have to poke my husband awake with a sharp stick. He wakes up well, as I don't do that all that often. And its usually for a reason. Well, yesterdays reason was that the tub was full FULL full of chocolate brown water. I mean THICK water. If I had dropped a bar of soap I couldn't have seen it at all. Heck, I could have dropped a glow-stick into that water and lost it immediately.

Somewhere between me turning on the water and me actually coming back to the full tub, the waterheater completely disintegrated and dumped decades of rust and stuff into my bath. MY bath.

But the cause was unknown at the time. We turned on the cold water. It was clear. Thus, my husband who is definitely brilliant but was still half-asleep, came up with this theory. It was the tub-toy, still floating in the tub. Suddenly for some reason unknown to mankind, the little FisherPrice horsie had inexplicably released a HUGE amount of dye into my bath. All this WITHOUT itself fading.

Thats right. He actually said out loud "Its the tub-toy". Let me say, I disagreed with him right away. Not through any huge sense of logic, but rather from my deep-rooted belief that FisherPrice toys are practically indestructible. Certainly NOT done in by a mere tapwater.

A few minutes later, he came back. "Check the hot water, I bet the waterheater just died." And, yes, that was it. Of course. Because when he's actually awake, he knows things.

The day then went ... differently. He special ordered a highly energy efficient waterheater, which is HUGE! This way, I can have a bath and someone else can still have something this side of ice-water in the other shower. It made me very extra-happy and made the plumbers curse when they came out at 3:00 to install it.

Yep, you heard me correctly. The waterheater broke at 6:00am and he had the new one here and installation started by 3:00pm. Of the same day. Some times he annoys the life out of me, although usually nothing that can't be fixed with Pamprin. Other times, he really amazes me and then laughs softly at my amazement. Its good to be me. Especially now that I am me-with-a-huge-waterheater.


You and baths....seems to be an on-going thing, eh? First a fish, now a horse!

That cracks me up about him thinking it was the horse. Methinks he was still sleepin'!

That is just terrific that you got a new one so fast.

Leni | 08/29/2006 - 07:29 PM

Glad to hear that situation got straightened out. And expeditiously.

Now picture this: imagine living out in the country and having your well pump go out. Or rather, a large salt-shaker-sized capacitor in the well-pump mechanism. I speak from experience. Twice, once coming up on New Year's Eve. And unlike lucky you, I didn't have a replacement by that afternoon. Try going for 24 to 48 hours without any running water at all...

Worst of all, I didn't even have the Fisher-Price horse to blame it on. :-)

Paul Burgess | 08/29/2006 - 11:43 PM
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