Does anyone know what happened to Julie? I mean, I know she was thrilled to get her new Mac although she was having a few vague health concerns, and then her site went dead. Being the totally morbid Southerner that I am, I went over and read her husband's site thinking that surely he would have mentioned it if she were actually LITERALLY dead. Not that I need to know every detail of everyone's life, but occassionally my curiousity gets the better of me. There. You've seen my worst. That's as stalker-ish as I get. Maybe I'd be worse if I weren't consumed with homeschooling three children, and awana, and house-building, and Better-Idea-stuff, and had the unlimited resources to hire discrete private investigators. The kind you see on the movie-of-the-week that quickly find out everything you ever wanted to know about everyone and anyone and the person being investigated doesn't ever know? You know, MAGICAL private-investigators :)


okay, okay, no private investigator required! I'm here. And okay. Just incredibly busy and little time to try to describe it all. Now I have to go take temperature of two kids and put all three to bed... Thanks for caring about me!

Julie | 09/26/2006 - 04:19 AM

I've wondered what happened also. Good to know everything is fine.

You know, Lucy, you are so good. I just wondered but you stalked her out.

earthgirl | 09/26/2006 - 11:47 AM

Thats nothing, you ought to see me with Sam!

All it takes with her is something similiar to: "After three days of dodging calls, you have 12 hours to leave a message on my machine to prove you aren't dead or I'll call your mother and/or the police."

You might think this is a little aggressive, but this is a woman who lives a lifestyle that necessitates code-words so she can give me "messages" about who is in the room at the time. In other words, she has a tendancy to date unstable musicians :)

Although, even after she gave up dating musicians and started dating professors it turned out that he was a closet bass-player! Ya' can't win for losing.

It also turned out that he was a suspect in his ex-girlfriend's murder overseas, although they eventually decided there was insufficient evidence to convict.

That was three years ago, but he still has stalkerish tendancies. Fear of Norman keeps him in check, that and the fact that Norman's roommate guarenteed his certain demise if anything ANYTHING anything happened to Sam.

I swear, one time Sam told me that she couldn't write an autobiographical script because it wouldn't be believable. She's right. But it would be a GREAT movie!

Lucy | 09/26/2006 - 05:43 PM
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