Note to Husband: Stop reading :)

Whoooooo-hooooooooo! Out of the blue my dear sweet husband announced "I hate our mattress. I think its why I have serious back problems now. I hate it. Lets get rid of it. I've thought about it. We can put it in the guest room. And then we'll get rid of that one."

I perked right up! He wants to kill a perfectly good pillow-top-extra-deep-king! Yay! Plans are progressing slowly for his surprise next Summer, a "surprise" party aka his family's first ever reunion! And one thing thats been bothering me is that we just tiled the floor in the rec-room which I'll be using as a bunk-room for the kids. I've been a little down thinking about how to get around a whole herd of kids sleeping on the cold hard tile floor.

Here's the answer!!!! I'll upholster the mattress and toss it on the floor in the corner. Which will also make it a greatly improved play-space for Katherine (the baby about to be a toddler). And I think that when we consolidate our house and the rental house and his parents excess furniture when they move to a smaller house, I could concievably end up with four twin mattresses too!

Now, if I can just think of a way to keep him from wondering why I need enough mattresses to carpet the room!

Yeah, you might not find this particularly interesting, but it makes ME really happy happy happy!


If you're happy, I'm happy.

Leni | 10/28/2006 - 05:15 AM
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