Yay For Random Acts Of Blogging

Being a little distracted this morning, I decided to clean out my mailbox which I hadn't looked at in a few days. I anticipated deleting page after page of fiendish spammers. And there were indeed a few. But I noticed two auto-notifications from the same address had commented on the same post. The one about rabid squirrels. Its really old, so I immediately thought "Argh! Crazed spammers have found a way around the DNA test!" BUT, when I clicked on the messages, they were from a live person! Admittedly, from a person who was making a mistake. Scott had at least two windows open and thought he was commenting on the other one. He probably doesn't read my blog, probably not ANY fluffy-bunny-blogs. None-the-less , of course I went over there to see ...

He's a TRIP! In the very best funniest sparklely-est way. The tag line at SammyTaylor is "'A golf course is the willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range.' I thought it outragously clever. It was an indication of things to come. If you scroll down, there's a fascinating post on crack-using urban squirrels. Really. But the one that made me laugh outloud, literally, was this by Scott's apparent blog-buddy Sammy:

"The other day I received an email chiding me for my pro gun stance. The author ... asked “exactly why do you think people should carry guns?” This is an excellent question, and I thought that answering here for the benefit of all would be a more efficient way of spreading the word than responding to my correspondent directly. -- I carry a gun in order to be able to shoot people."

That cracks me up! Yes, its a little violent. Sure, you may be all shocked and horrified that its here on my site. But, you've got to admit its beautiful in its simplicity. And you just KNOW it made that liberal tree-hugging gun-hating emailer fall over hyperventilating! In my world, it ranks right up there with MikeAdams writing about a little door-sign that said "You're a feminist? Isn't that cute!?!"

I know nothing about the two (or more) of them blogging. But their immediate posts were fun in spite of being gun-oriented, and they're either Southern (or they've moved to Atlanta and its rubbing off on them), and they think the USSClueless was brilliant enough to deserve its own tab on their header-bar. THAT says a lot about them right there. So, while I still have to wait the two weeks before adding new links to the sidebar because of the spontaneous hair-cut incident, they are SO getting added when I add Kathi and Suzanne!


I love it when you tell me what other treasures are out there!

Leni | 11/06/2006 - 04:06 AM

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for the kind words. There is a gaggle of us of us at sammytaylor.net but Scott and I are the instigators. He is a southerner, born and raised. I am a transplanted yankee who is quite happy to be mistaken for a native. We appreciate the encouragement.


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