Lowes Show

We were marching through Lowes Warehouse last week, in search of elusive building materials when the boys rebelled. More of a small skirmish trailing in my wake, really. Because I was in no mood for discussion during our THIRD trip to Lowes that day. They WOULD behave appropriately. Period. Or there would be dire consequences.

They stopped and crossed their arms, with that you-can't-make-me-look. Of course, THAT must be dealt with at once. I looked at them calmly and said (because I'm trying to help them learn to make good decisions not just brow-beat them into submission) "Is this really the choice you want to make?"

Slight pause on their part. Big sighs. Slowly trudging forward. Then this exchange with Lee, as I distiractedly looked for the right newel post:

Lee: "Well, when I'm 18 I won't have to obey you."
Me: "Yes, you will".

Lee: "No, I won't. I'll be an adult"
Me: " I am your Mama and will be until the day they bury you."

Lee: "But you don't obey Nana!"
Me: "Thats because Nana is often very wrong!"

The coughing-gasping-giggleling-sound alerted me to the little old man at the end of the aisle, enjoying the show!


Lucy, I've just got to go shopping with you some time. You have the most interesting shopping experiences!

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