I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. Time has almost ceased to have meaning since I've realized The Move is estimated to be in about 12 days. Days. Minutes. Hours. Whatever. Here's a few thoughts this morning:

Do NOT eat chinese food with a sarcastically inclined husband. It doesn't end well. Hmmm. THAT might be its own post later.

Pay attention to what your children say. Its most effective to correct mistakes early on. For example, as I realized this week, you don't want your child to go around talking about the "Pooping Loompa" when he really means the "Oompa Loompa". Thats NOT the same thing.

Do NOT try to drink your Perricone-Promise-approved morning smoothie in front of the computer unless you are willing to share it with the toddler who, upon seeing it, charges across the room bellowing like a wounded rhino. (I'm amazed that Katherine can charge at 13 months. The others all started toddleling at about 14 months, and she's been doing it for several weeks)

Oh! Oh! Oh! Here's a shining HAPPY moment: Today, while feeding Katherine some baked ziti she made a sound each time I gave her a noodle. Then it dawned on me. She was saying THANK YOU! Literally. "Thank You". (See, we play a little game where she hands me things and I say "thank you' and then I give it back to her and say "there you go") (Yes, I know its junior-level brain-washing. You point is what?) Just refer to me as "SuperMommmmmm!"


My, but you HAVE been busy! Don't imagine we'll be hearing a lot from you over the next two weeks or so....I'll keep watching though.

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