Lightning Strikes Twice

Most of you know that I've got another site, a site my husband can't read because its assocciated with The Better Idea Vacation Surprise for him. (Its SO pretty, but thats another story about a super-cool design team)

And most of you know that I'm not overly techie-oriented. Fortunately, since MY techie is out-of-the-loop on this one, I've got a friend of his doing the grunt-work (hosting-n-supporting). I say "a friend of his" because originally it was his friend, although now his friend is my friend too (and his family, and maybe his pets)

Stay with me, you needed that back-story to fully understand The Rest Of The Story ...

Do ya'l remember last year when I had that little problem with setting categories here? My husband kept telling me it was easy and he SO didn't have time to do it and after hour upon hour of effort on my part trying to follow his directions he finally tried to walk me through it step by step only to find that he hadn't given me admin-rights for the site so I wasn't seeing some of the options he was seeing when we logged into the same screen under different user-names.

Well. I've made myself nuts trying to do something on the other site. Trying over and over, telling myself "You're just tired" and "you're just distracted" and "you just have a cold" and "you must be missing something extra-obvious". Turns out that I was missing something obvious, all right. The fact that my husband and his friend are TWO PEAS IN A BRIGHT GREEN POD! I finally broke down and told the guy "I can't get it". To which he responded (paraphrased) "That should be working ... unless I forgot to give you admin-rights. Oops. "

LOL! I laughed really hard. I had almost suspected that but thought "No way could I get hit by lightning twice, two different sites and two different hosts!" I was so amused that I immediately toddled upstairs to tell my husband (who only knows that there is another site, but he's not allowed to have anything to do with it)

HERE is where it gets ... interesting. So, there I was, flailing and laughing while I told him. And then he was laughing (but not flailing) while he listened and took every bit of bait offered. Enjoy the following bits of conversation, an example of what I live with every day. (And did I mention his children are just like him?)

Lucy: blah-blah-no-admin-rihgts
Husband: (laughing until he turned purple, literally)

Lucy: Y'al are two peas in a pod! A bright-green-pod! (which is a private joke to myself because I know his friend hates bright-green)

Lucy: I don't know HOW the two of you managed to find each other! (Loudly and exasperated)
Husband: (quietly, but with that edge that lets me know there's something coming) How do you know there's only two of us?

Lucy: (suspiciously) What?
Husband: Because its not natural to give YOU admin-rights. NO ONE in their right mind would do it voluntarily! (giggle-giggle)

Lucy: (giggleling) OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh! (Vainly trying to sound indignant and offended)
Husband: Just like the pigeon, "Don't Give Lucy Admin-Rights" (a parody of Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus) (which he performed on-ths-spot substituing "Lucy-admin" for "pigeon-bus")

I laughed so hard I cried! He did all the pigeon voices! For those of you deprived of the pigeon experience, Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus is a book about a crazily manipulative pigeon that tries to convince the reader to let him drive the bus after the driver has specificlly asked the reader to watch the bus while he's gone, and to be extra careful about that pigeon. Aimed at toddlers, its one of our kids favorite books! The older ones like reading it and doing the pigeon voices, and the younger ones like saying "NO"!

One reason I like our friend is that I'm sure he's the kind of guy that likes making his wife and kids laugh, too. They really are probably two peas in a pod. A very bright-green pod!


Oh, that's good. I think that even online, we attract certain personalities. Must be something about you that attracts the "protect her from herself" admins! LOL!

Leni | 01/26/2007 - 02:54 PM
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