There Comes Another Time ...

... when you realize your husband hates you. Or that he's crazy. Take your pick. I'm having a moment.

Y'al remember the post about how his plan to manage his stress involves making me nuts? Well. He's been stressed this weekend. Really really stressed.

A few weeks ago, my computer ... died. (Leave it at that). He could fix it, techinically. But that would take some time and money and I'm getting a new computer when we move ... SO ... he partitioned his computer. Life should now be all sunshine and daisies, right? RIGHT?

Not hardly. When I turn on the computer, there's a screen that lets you choose your partition and type in your password. Since he set up the partitions, he chose my password and the icon next to my partition-name. The icon is a symbol for a password I use sometimes. I thought THAT was my password, which would have made total sense! But, no.

If I click on the "hint" button I get a cryptic word that relates to a bible-verse. Ok, so THAT is the password. I type it in. I type it in varying formats since the password-box is case-sensitive. Nothing. I have to call him. Yes, I call him at work. We have a calm but thorough conversation about what the password could have been, would have been, SHOULD have been. Turns out he misremembered the numbers, and inverted them. BUT, regardless, I then knew my password. JOY!

So, this morning I grabbed a few minutes to check my email. I turn on the computer. I see the password-box. I type in my password (the mangled inverted verse) and ... nothing. I try again, full aware that even the best typers make mistakes. Nothing. I try again, getting a horrible vision of me crashing his hard-drive. Nothing. I break out in a cold-sweat. I reach for the phone. I put down the phone. I stare at the screen. At the happy glowing icon of my favorite password. I type it in. Slowly.

I'm going gray. Its all his fault.


That man is messing with you!!!!!!!!

Did I tell you about my dh working on his sister's pc? You know how you can have "announcements" when certain features are used? Well he set her's up with sound bites from old movies that are REALLY loud and obnoxious, so the thing yells at her all the time. LOL! She had no idea how to fix it, and he refused.

I take great pleasure in that.

Leni | 01/30/2007 - 01:28 PM
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