Tagged And Released Into The Wild

Thats how I felt this morning ... like I had been captured, tagged, and released into the wild for further observation.

I got up in the very early wee morning hours so I could go to Walmart, Krogers, and the dry-cleaners before 7:00am without children. This fascinates my husband, that I can spring from bed in the middle of the night ready to shop but must be dragged from bed by squealing children demanding breakfast.

This morning he gave me his cell-phone, and mentioned that he had set an alarm for 6:30 so I'd know when I needed to head home. I slipped it into my pocket. Later, the alarm sounded. He had changed the ring-tone to the theme from Larry-Boy, which usually amuses me and whatever small children are with me. But I'd never used the alarm feature before. Apparently, opening and closing the phone doesn't turn off the alarm. It triggers the "snooze" function. So that the phone rings every six minutes until you get home and tell your husband you can't turn off the alarm.

For some reason, in my sleep-deprived state, this reminds me of those tracking devices scientists put on bears before they release them back into the wild for further observation. I envision a group of little old men in white lab-coats and clipboards watching a screen that has a blinking dot moving through a maze of a floorplan for Walmart. "Look! She's doubleling back! Does that mean she forgot something? Added something to the list? Was she influenced by the end-cap? Is there a sale in that department? Hmmmm. What's her plan?"


That man of yours likes to torture you with technology, doesn't he? lol

Leni | 02/12/2007 - 03:24 PM
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