I'm a lazy slacker. I know this. Time to suck it up. Yep. I'll be dragging my seriously overweight self to martial arts class with the boys in the Fall. Imagine Mrs. Claus with brunette hair in a dojo kicking ... stuff. Thats gonna be me!

But what I really want, and they don't have it here yet, but they will eventually is one of those military-style self-defense classes where they teach you to kill your mugger with a stiletto heel. Not that I often wear stiletto heels. But its an idea. I remember an interesting quote I heard from one instructor who said he was really scared of the quiet ones that kept taking the class over and over and over until they got it very right. I find that motivational! I'm generally quiet when I'm obsessing, and I do tend to focus until I get it right. Remember, just because its harder for me doesn't mean its impossible! (I'm sure they sell plus-size white-outfit-thingies somewhere. Some of those men are really fat!)

Note to husband: And THEN I need a conceal-carry permit. And a really cute gun! And one of those neat little cases. And a bigger purse! Maybe one of the black Coach leather ones. I need a new black purse anyway. Ooooo! If the gun is black it'll match my purse! (Live in fear -- I'm only half kidding :)

Back to our regularly scheduled happy posts ... (although it does make me happy to think that the gun could match my purse :) ... already in progress.

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