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How do you know your party is going to be a success? Someone, who shall remain nameless, admits that they are bringing a few "extras". As in "extra" guests. As in FIVE!!! (And I say "admits" as THEIR plan was to just slip them past me at the last minute like I wouldn't notice, because they just kinda spontaneously asked them not expecting them to say yes, and then they were scared to tell me in case I said "no") Its all going to be fine. Not a problem. Because I've been reading InaGarten's wonderful cookbooks. I feel very ... centered ... and calm ... and organized. I AM the eye-of-the-storm. People that try to thwart me will be smooshed ... BWAHAHAHAHA.

Meanwhile, my husband has doubtless started to wonder if I'm on something! Nope. Nothing. Just high on life and cookbooks! I'm almost in The Zone. I can feel it coming ... soon, soon ... Bwahahahahah ...

I'm going to loose my mind ...


Five extra guests?! Where does one seat five extra guests? If someone brought five extra guests to a party of mine, I'm afraid they'd have to sit around the card table. Now imagine five people sitting around a card table...

Paul Burgess | 04/28/2007 - 01:22 PM

Bwahahaha ... the real question is "WHERE do they sleep?" because its a four-day-house-party!!!

I didn't say HOUSEguests above because while my husband has figured out I'm in the throes of party-planning, he has NO clue its a house-party! Much less a suprise-house-party-family-reunion for him!

Fortunately, I know there are lunatics that will try to thwart me. This is why I have spreadsheets. And charts. And schedules. You know how some people play war-games to train for war? I play "war-games" to train for ... events.

Once upon a time, a deacon at a church we were going to in Michigan told me (with awe and disbelief) that he had seen military campaigns carried out with less precision than my Church Dinner Plan, while the deacons were being briefed for their parts of Plan B and Plan C in the event that Plan A was over-run. I told him THAT was why some military campaigns failed.

These people have SO met their match in me! Bring it on. (envision Chuck Norris in an apron and a fat-suit making his cute little two finger "come-here" gesture)

Lucy | 04/28/2007 - 03:25 PM

So do you think you'll ever be for hire?

Leni | 04/30/2007 - 04:25 AM

Lol! Having been asked that question many times after an event, the answer is generally a gentle but firm "No" Except for friends. And then its a gift of love :)

Although, with the new house laid-out for a bed-n-breakfast after the kids are moved out, ... I'm considering perhaps doing corporate off-sites then.

Sweet of you to ask!

Lucy | 04/30/2007 - 05:05 PM
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