Trust Me

Trust me, its going to be ok. In fact, we'll all laugh about it later. And if I'm going to be laughing about it later, I might as well start laughing now!

In fact, I ... laughed ... so hard its a wonder I didn't hurt myself! You know how I planned the "surprise" family reunion for my husband? And some of them decided last week to "rsvp" the week before the HOUSE-PARTY even though they've had a minimum of 8 months notice?

WELL ... more have rsvp'd this morning. Kind of. ( I couldn't make this up if I tried) They were scared to call and tell me. So their plan was to tell their mother, who emailed her sister, who called my husband's mother, who called me this morning. Actually my mother-in-law called me last night, and just couldn't find the words. So she called back this morning and just blurted it all out fast.

And the part that made me gigglely-silly was that since they don't know that I broke-down and told my husband in order to get him on board with my to-do-list, I couldn't very well tell my mother-in-law "He's always right" which was the thought that kept running over and over through my head while she was telling me the details.

See, when I told him about the "surprise" and then freaked because of the late "rsvp's" and the rush to get to the t-shirt-printer in time to alter the order, he looked at me and said with a straight face "Get four extra shirts on top of the known additions" I told him that was crazy, I told him that I could account for the very few remaining relatives, I told him one would be overseas and one would be partying-hard-at-college and the other two had jobs that wouldn't let them travel at the drop of a hat, I told him it was ridiculous. He just said "Trust me".

I stood there at the printers last week and could hear him saying "trust me". I looked at the re-order form. "Trust me" I heard him say in my head. I thought about it. I thought about it some more. I remembered that he is always right. I ordered the extra-shirts! HAH! I will NOT be thwarted by these people. I will NOT!

When I told him this morning about the additional three people, he just started laughing. Its possible he might have muttered "I told you so" between gasps for air. Regardless, the laughing starts now!


Boy, he knows his family well! This whole thing is such a hoot to follow. I'm glad you told him, I think you'll have more fun this way!

Leni | 05/30/2007 - 04:04 PM
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