Look At All The Pretty Colors!

The reunion was full of new and interesting experiences ... like getting drunk on M&Ms. Really. Except, not.

See, it happened this way ... I picked out really pretty swirly tie-dyed t-shirts for the official reunion shirts. One guest appreciated it so much that she bought 10 pounds of M&M's and put them out in attractive glass bowls during game time, because the colors matched the shirts and everyone loves chocolate.

So. There I was. Happy. Playing Pictionary with a great team. Wearing the swirly vivid-rainbow shirt. Sitting next to an endless bowl of M&M's. Naturally, I ate easily two-plus pounds of M&M's. Which is NOT as much as you might think.

I was really happy. And gigglely. REALLY happy and gigglely. Yes, I was drunk on M&M's. "How drunk?" you might be asking. "Drunk" enough that one of the guests felt compelled to stay between me and the edge of the porch at all times. I shifted position, he shifted position. Finally, he boxed me in with the oval wrought iron table and a rocker. I didn't really notice. I just giggled some more. Until my jaws hurt. And I still couldn't stop giggleling, while clutching my lemonade in a death-grip. People actually began to suspect there was "something" in my lemonade! Thats right, tee-totaling me. Slipping a little "something" into the lemonade! NOT! That would be the ruination of perfectly good lemonade.

My husband had missed it, since he went to bed earlier that the wee "AM" hours that many of us sat around the porch talking. He just didn't get it. Couldn't even imagine the idea. Was sure it was probably exagerated some kind of way. I called my best friend (college roommate) and mentioned it. Her response? "AGAIN!?!" Yes, I had indeed forgotten that episode during finals freshman-year when she was selling M&M's for some fund-raiser and I bought several bags (about a dozen) and nibbled on them while studying. Next thing they knew, I was a gigglely. Completely unable to study. They thought I had "snapped". (With the precedent of Ann "snapping" the semester before, it wasn't the most unreasonable thing for them to think) But I was fine the next day. Still, she wouldn't sell me anymore chocolate. Looking at me out of the corner of her eye like I was a freak. Afterall, who gets "drunk" on M&M's!?!

Apparently, I do. And its not the chocolate. Its the dye! (Thanks, Leni, for pointing out that British article on dye recently). Some quick comparison among family members: one of my boys has the same reaction to Fruit-loops cereal. (Yeah, I know I'm a bad mom for letting them pick their own cereal occasionally), Sam has the same reaction to some antibiotics, Janie had a similiar reaction to the red-dye-tracer that a doctor tried to use once.

Now, I know I just need to stay away from rainbow-dye-colored-foods in mass quantities. And compile a packet on information about dye-sensitivities to distribute to all the relatives that around the night! :P


ROFLOL! We've always compared food dye to heroin around here. The high is great, the withdrawal, not so much.

We have one girlfriend that we used to purposely feed red punch to, just because she was more fun on food dye. She'd be the one entertaining everyone in the wee hours because she was that loopy!

Good times!

Pass the M&M's, please!

REALLY good to see you! Did you see my Bat Signal in the sky???

Leni | 06/27/2007 - 02:29 PM

I'm reminded of how they did away with red M&M's for a span of years once upon a time. Mebbe they shoulda done away with all the colors!

And yes, I can easily eat an entire large bag of M&M's without even trying.

Paul Burgess | 06/28/2007 - 12:19 PM
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