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Yes, its time for Lucy to have a new project. You're welcome to play along at home. Except for Lucy's Husband. He's in the dark. Again.

Note to Lucy's Husband: NO READING PAST THIS POINT! Its a nice surprise. Really. (Aren't they always!?!) (Quit flinching. It could be worse. I could collect ... um ... troll dolls?)

So. Here we are, post-reunion, looking for a new project. Actually, a new project has presented itself rather insistently. I'm going to lose some weight. STOP! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING, and you're wrong. This is NOT a post whining and driveling about how hard it is and how fat I am and how I'm a desperate helpless victim etc. This is SO not that post.

Rather, I'm sharing a treat with you ... a lovely thought ... a victorious shining moment ...

Let's just say upfront that I've never denied my husband anything he really wanted. Not really. And I think he'd like if I lost a hundred or so pounds. And started wearing DonnaKaren and RalphLauren. And got a shiny wide hammered silver cuff bracelet. Ok. So that last part is about what I would like. But I bet he wouldn't object to it :)

I have a plan. A really good plan. (I just love a good plan. With charts and schedules and even graphs sometimes)

A few weeks ago a friend of mine decided in a fit helpless hopeless desperation to have the lap-band surgery. If that what it takes for her, then I'm all for it. For me personally, it seems an insane choice. I do understand why she did it, really. In HER situation, I might have done the same thing. Maybe. However, I'm not in her situation, I'm in MY situation. And in MY situation, here's my plan ...

(drumroll, please)

I'm going to PRETEND I'm having the lap-band surgery!

Don't laugh. Its working. I'm following her doctors orders precisely. (Its odd how much alike we are. If someone switched our medical records, doctors wouldn't notice. Except she has green eyes and different scars) Today is already Day Four of the First Phase of fifteen days. Followed by the Second Phase of fifteen days. Followed by a quantity-restrictive diet until I'm done!

Won't it just be the very best wildest treat EVER to give him a card (Hallmark, of course :p ) for his birthday with a total of how much weight I've lost!?! Sure, he'll obviously notice as I lose huge chunks of weight, but seeing the BIG number will really make an impression. What fun!

Hmmm. Now lets think of fun things I can enjoy while I'm losing weight ... For example, what favorite workout videos do you just love? How about music you like working out too? C'mon, share ...


You know, I've always wondered that. If you have to be so very careful after surgery, why not just implement those changes without actually having the surgery? Just a thought.

I got a set at Borders that's a Web Ball work out, and I really like it. It's the exercise ball with bands you can attatch to it to do resistance training, etc. Once I got the hang of it, I stopped using the DVD (it has a book, too, so you can keep track of the exercises you've done for the day.) Then I can blast my own music, and it's not so boring.

I do so much better if I have someone to work out with. Talking makes it not so boring!

Best wishes on your journey!

BTW, my dh would love that as a gift also.

Leni | 07/26/2007 - 04:55 PM

Oh, Lucy, I did laugh, but it was a laugh of delighted surprise. I absolutely love the way you think. Who am I to give workout suggestions, but I have found brisk walks with my husband the best thing for the health of my body and our relationship. Of course, it's hard to do with little ones.

Earth Girl | 07/27/2007 - 01:11 AM

Lol! Actually, briskly walking with my little ones is totally "do-able". The tough part is keeping up with them! All of mine are in WAY better shape than I am.

And walking with my husband for next few months would be ... interesting. He's booked solid until after Jan. 1st. Several projects at work have conspired (with delayed and rearranged deadlines) to all be due by Jan 1.

Good thing for the kids that he can work from home some. So, work-at-other-office during the day, then dinner with me and the kids, play a board game, tuck in the kids, work-in-home-office until wee hours of the morning. Repeat six days a week. (He doesn't work on Sundays)

I'm really looking forward to February! Hey, Valentine's Day is in February! Wheeeee!!!

Lucy | 07/27/2007 - 08:55 PM
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