Pride Goes Before A Fall

Having boasted in the previous post that I'm an adult, I should have been ready for the plummet into humiliation. Yet, somehow, it always catches me by surprise! Today, while wishing to appear adult-like I've been caught with my mind in the gutter. Or, rather, with my mind in the toilet. Twice.

First, I woke my son up and stopped off in the laundry room to rotate the clothes. (Am I the ONLY one that sees the similiarity between composting and laundering?) I was standing there in the laundry-room when he staggered into his bathroom. He didn't shut the door. I know this reflects poorly on my mothering-skills but thats not the part we're focusing on today. He started to pee in the toilet. And he peed some more. And some more. AND some more. I was starting to get concerned! Thats a LOT of pee. Enough that I had decided we needed to have the talk about going to the bathroom before bedtime. I can't tell you how MUCH pee there was! THEN it dawned on me. It wasn't pee, he had turned on the shower so it would warm up while he brushed his teeth! Yes. I felt silly. (And relieved) At least that was only in my head. The second "incident" was definitely out loud ...

I was talking on the phone with my mother (MY MOTHER) who said (I swear she did) "I'm just sitting here watching your father pee." Its possible I blurted out "WHAT!?!" To which she replied something like, as best I can remember, "Well, he doesn't need my help, but I do like to watch sometimes" I can't guarentee thats EXACTLY what she said because I was close to hysteria. You get the gist of it, though. Turns out she was saying "I'm just sitting here watching your father FEED." As in, "feed the cattle". She can sit in the sunroom and look off down across the yard and see him puttering around the barn. I felt horridly embarrassed. Also, wildly relieved. Thats just one of those things you hope you NEVER have to EVER know about your parents. Ick! I've GOT to get my mind out of the toilet or I'm not EVER going to sleep well again!


LOL! Obviously, you were exhausted from working on the kid's rooms and your brain was not functioning correctly!

That's funny. I always assume I heard wrong, because 99% of the time, that's the case. ;o)

Leni | 10/22/2007 - 05:39 PM
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