A Christmas Elf

Brainwashing is both efficient and fun! THIS is the year that I move on to the next level with Ron (my almost ten-year old). I absolutely adore doing the stockings. One of my very best childhood memories is my little brother "doing" my Christmas stocking so wonderfully that in November my parents had to intervene because there was no way on Earth the stocking would hold all the loot!

I learned early how to make a person want something. Tell them they can't have it. Yet. (Which accounts for me being the only kindergartener concerned with GPA, as my mother told me I could only go to the "good" school if I kept my grades up)

And, so, I told my children that only when they reach ten years old can they be my stocking-helper ... A Christmas Elf! Ron turns ten in early December. I had forgotten about the Stocking Elf, but he reminded me out-of-the-blue this week! Apparently, he's really been looking forward to this! The other kids are so over-the-top envious that its hysterical. I overheard them laying around on the rug reading, "Man. I wish I could be a Stocking Elf, too"

There are rules and limits, of course. I've told him I'll do most of the stockings, but that he can offer suggestions. And that he can be in charge of spending five dollars of my money per stocking. He's started attacking the catalogs as soon as they arrive, searching for fun novelty items. Its nice to see him so excited about "giving" instead of "getting"! I know he's really interested, not just faking it to get more gifts for himself. Because this morning he asked me "Hey, Mom! Do I get to wear an Elf costume?"



Leni | 10/24/2007 - 05:11 PM
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