I'm. Fine. Thats the important thing. And this is SO not a "fluffy-bunny" post, but I honestly think you need a warning. This could happen to you ...

I almost got car-jacked last night. Very cleverly, too, I might add. Follow along -- coming back from the outlet mall and dinner at 11:42. Yes, thats late -- the outlet mall is two hours away and then I had dinner at Outback (btw, 70% off lowest clearance at ColdwaterCreek). And I was on a rural out-in-the-county road. Not someplace I expected to find car-jackers. Its a "safe" community.

Imagine this -- a road with clusters of houses and then a blank area with trees and dtiches and no shoulder on the road and curves and then another cluster of houses. (By "cluster" I mean one to three houses). The clusters are close enough together that I never noticed the "dark" spots, even though I've driven the road a million times.

Here's the set-up -- Right after a small cluster of houses, a car is stopped in the road with its blinkers on. There's room to go around it in the other lane. I do that slowly, wondering if they were stopped because they were lost or maybe had hit a deer (or a cow) (or a turkey). But it was an odd place to stop. As I drove past it, I kept thinking "somethings not right -- somethings not right -- somethings not right". Which is odd for me, especially in the pasta-and-sale-euphoria. I went from "la-la-la-la" to "no-no-no-no" in a heartbeat.

I rounded the curve slowly, still muttering "somethings not right". Then I saw the second car parked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Trees-and-ditches and no way to ease around it. But it was on around the curve before the next cluster of houses. IF I had driven up on it, the car behind me (which had eased up behind me) would have trapped me bumper-to-bumper. But I DIDN'T drive up to the other car. I stopped cold, leaving several hundred feet of space between. So, there I sat trying to decide if I REALLY needed to try to do a u-turn or if I were being paranoid.

The second car started driving. I decided I was being paranoid. It drove past the cluster of houses. THEN it stopped in the same set-up, but in a darker spot. I hesitated, then shot forward to right behind the car. At the particular spot they had picked, I knew the road well enough to know that there was an unmarked gravel road that broke-away left-n-back exactly at their tail-lights. Its a hard turn to find even in daylight, sort of hidden in the trees.

I zipped onto the gravel road. They paused for a minute. Then both cars zoomed off. I was only a mile or two from my house, so I went home and called the Sheriff to report weirdness.

Having written this down, it doesn't sound as creepy-wrong as it felt last night. I feel a little silly. Then it occurs to me -- this was just a version of the red-light scam. One car stops at the red-light. Victim pulls up befind them. Another car pulls up behind, trapping the victim.

I know this is not the "happy-fluffy" posts I usually try to have, but this is an important warning. Be aware of your surroundings.


My word, Lucy, I'm glad you're ok!

I'm glad you're a fast-thinker. I'm afraid I still would have been on the "I think something's not right" thought when it became too late to get out of it.

Don't be scaring me like that! (But thanks for the warning.)

Leni | 10/29/2007 - 04:18 PM

That is creepy-weird-just wrong! God was watching out for you, knowing the territory and the gravel road.

Earth Girl | 10/30/2007 - 01:41 AM

Glad to hear you're all right. That really does sound like a scary incident.

I'll never forget the time years ago when I was stopped at a red light, and a scruffy fellow walked right up and tried to open the door on the passenger side of my car. Then when he found it locked, he had the gall to motion for me to open the door for him!

But that was in broad daylight. A country road late at night is way, way scarier. Like I say, glad you're all right.

Paul Burgess | 10/30/2007 - 02:30 PM
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