Disco Dancing Santa

You know our rule about no "Christmas" before Thanksgiving and no "Christmas" after Feb 1st? Well. This has been a hard year. The Reunion. The Move. The Crazy Work-Schedule. The Houseguests. The Bathtub.

I need a little Christmas. Yeah, I know its like an alcohalic needing a drink before lunch. Could be worse -- I have no plans to buy "Santa" sheets for our bed. Yet.


Go for the Santa sheets - they'll last a lifetime since you'll only use them a few weeks a year. ;-)

Handsome and I start celebrating the holidays on September 1. Mainly b/c my birthday is in Sept, his is in Oct, our anniversary is in Nov, and then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years follow. It's like four months of that "Christmas" feeling.

Knighton | 11/08/2007 - 01:32 AM
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