Public Service Announcement For Husbands

Hey, Steve! This is for you. Yeah. You. Steve.

Well, maybe not just Steve. But I know more guys named "Steve" than anything else. Maybe its really for guys named "Steve" and "Bob" and "Bill". Definitely not for guys named "Daisy". (I figure there aren't very many of those) (Can you tell I've been shopping the pre-printed "name" merchandise clearance at Hallmark?)

Anyway. There are things your wife won't tell you. Specifically, there are things she won't tell you but that she'll call and tell me. As her friend, it is my job not to betray her confidences. Or to treasonously offer comfort and-or cookies to the enemy.

BUT ... I feel its in everyone's best interest if all the husbands out there consider the possibility that just maybe its not a good idea to ignore their wives with the idea that you can make it up to them later. They may not be there later. I'm just saying.

And, Steve? This is SO for you :)



I'll give you, two guesses as to what my dh's name is???

*honey, she didn't write this for you, I promise, I didn't tell her ANYTHING!*

Still snickering here. Dh is always complaining that there are too many Steve's in the world, and most of them give Steves a bad name. LOL!

BTW, we have a guy on our town's road crew that is as big as a mountain. His name is Patsy. No kidding. No one teases him about it, either. I wonder why...

Leni | 01/07/2008 - 12:55 PM
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