Odds And Ends

First, I've been not-posting because The Holiday Onslaught has begun. My parents left awhile ago, my in-laws get here tomorrow, my cousin-in-laws-family arrives when they leave, then I'm pretty sure Sam is coming for a week or so.

Here's the thing, I've created a MORATORIUM on family visits between December 1st and February 1st. This year I'm going to ENJOY the holidays. I'm just getting the "crazy" out of the way now! The beauty of it is that no one actually knows why they've been scheduled that way. Most of them think the others will be here, making me crazy. They couldn't stand it if they thought I was having "peace on earth and good will toward men"!

Friends are taking bets on which family member drives hundreds (if not thousands) of miles to announce "we were just in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop by". Interesting.

Hey, THANKS, to those of you who are praying. I kid you not, out of the blue, one of those "other" people walked into my husband's office and randomly blurted out "I would do it differently, but you won't do that BECAUSE YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN". Said those words out loud. On purpose. I find this fascinating on SO many levels. She actually noticed he was a Christian, she thought he would act differently because of it, she thought his behavior was a good thing. Thats a lot coming from a liberal-atheist.

The kids have the day off from school Friday. So the grandparents are going to be here, and expecting to see and do a bunch of stuff with the kids. Here's the thing: each child has about 12 HOURS of "homework" plus three tests on Mon/Tues of next week. Because thats what sane teachers do, right? Honestly, it makes me wonder.

Anyway, off to prove that I can pass Fourth Grade. Again :)

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