Not That It Mattered

Let's start out week with a giggle! And, in the interest of documentation, this will be nice to look back on if civilization doesn't burn in the next decade.

Katherine is SUCH a helper! She delights in being a "big" girl, a full three years old! The other morning it was just the two of us, and she announced that I needed to do something so she could help me. Immediately, we set about doing some laundry. I knew I would need several hangers in the laundry-room later, so that was her task. To make three trips to the laundry-room with a few hangers each time.

The first trip went well. The second trip not AS well. The third trip? No. She was done. She didn't WANT to take anymore hangers to the laundry-room. Percieving that this could be a teaching moment, I told her that she MUST finish the job. She told me her tummy hurt. I told HER that she could take a nap after she took the hangers. She told me that her toe might hurt (while she was holding her elbow). I raised an eyebrow and told her, firmly, to take those hangers right that minute.

Katherine started wailing. Seriously. Wailing. Full-on open-mouth see-the-tonsils wailing. With drool. Because if you close your mouth to swallow it muffles the sound. Which apparently defeats the purpose. BUT, she wailed while taking the hangers. Occassionally interupting the tormented shrilling with "But I don't want to!" She marched back to me, still announcing "But I don't want to!" I over-spoke her to say "Its over, its already done".

Without missing a beat, or even opening her squished eyes, she changed her rant to "But I DIDN'T want to!"

I laughed at her. Out loud. I don't think she appreciated it.


ROFLOL!!! Moriah and I are both cracking up.

Leni | 02/02/2009 - 02:25 PM
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