When I'm A Grown-up

My husband returned from a business trip a few days ago. He usually brings back treats of some kind. Often local treats. Like the kangeroo jerky. Like the pickled eggplant. Like stuff I can't spell.

He was standing in the kitchen nibbleling with great delight on small chunks of ... something. He asked, ever so innocently, "Would you like a piece?" The children froze for a split second. Someone asked non-chalantly, "What is it exactly?" He wouldn't say, and no child would touch a piece.

Then I asked the magic question, "Is it plant or animal?" He laughed and confirmed "plant". Then the children were somewhat willing to take a bite. it turned out to be extremely potent fresh candied ginger! People! That stuff will really get your attention.

Cassie was horrified, she doesn't love spicy things.
Ron was silent, and thoughtful. Not a ringing endorsement.
We were all surprised when he asked for another piece, until he said he wanted to take it down to Lee who was in the basement. THAT explained a lot.

Baby Katherine? She volunteered to her Dad "I like it". But when he asked her if she wanted another piece, she said "NO." A few blinks later she continued, "I'll have another piece when I'm a grown-up!"


Trader Joe's makes the most amazing Dark-chocolate covered crystallized (read: candied) ginger. Completely addicting.

If you find yourself near a Trader Joe's, pick up a box.

Knighton | 02/20/2009 - 10:25 PM
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